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Thread: Needle Size Where Doese It Go

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    i need to know does the 1/2 inch needle go in the muscle..... i did the program last april i had the longer needles i did them in my fat and did great... starting the shots today and need to know.
    thanks..............i'm back

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    1/2 inch would be subq You can't reach the muscle with that short a needle. Belly would probably be best. Is your hcg 200iu?


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    The ones for the muscle are 1.25 to 1.5 inch. Mine are 1.5 inch.

    Just ask for IM needles.

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    You can also use a 1 inch for Im. I never use one larger than 1 inch, but I'm very muscular in the thighs (wish my belly was as muscular LOL)


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    my legs are not fat i could get the muscle my belly is very fat lol should i do my legs

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    I wouldn't with a 1/2 inch needle. Mine are really muscular and I've done a 5/8 inch and that was pushing it. I would stick with the belly. What dose are you doing?

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    A 1/2 inch needle will not go into the muscle. Your dose is different if it's in the muscle rather than in the fat. For the 1/2 inch needle the standard dose is 200iu daily.


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