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Thread: Newbie stating p2 needing help

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    Newbie stating p2 needing help

    Hi all,

    So I just wanted to check a few things as I've read so many different things, right so could you tell me of tho is correct

    Today I have woke up after two loading days taken my two Drops as stated by the bottle and weighed myself somehow only managed to put on 1.5lb after my gorging! But any how I waited half an hour then I'm drinking some green tea and will make sure I get plenty of water for lunch I'm having grilled chicken breast with lettuce then I will have beef with couliflower for dinner (my info says I can have couiliflower and broccoli?) what I need to know is.

    Do I have these two protein and vegetables dinners per day, then two portions of fruit in between of which can be an apple, strawberries (6 large) an orange or 1/2 a grapefruit so thats one of each of those a day? Is that correct?

    Also when am I allowed Melba toast is this 1 per day?

    Am I allowed two veggies a day? I realise not with the same meal

    And lastly I think ha ha, I have a stupid head cold which I've managed to plough through with no meds but now I have a cold sore and it's painful so I need to put cream on it will this make a difference?
    Also is potrolum jelly allowed ?

    Thanks sorry for all te questions I'm just a little confused


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    You have the basic facts down correctly.

    You should have two basic meals consisting of 1 protein (they should be two different proteins on the same day) and 1 veggie (they should be two different veggies on the same day). You can have 2 melba toasts or grissini, but not at the same meal. You can have your fruit and starch as a snack, or with your meal.

    I am not allowed broccoli or cauliflower on my protocol, so I can't speak to that.

    Be aware, many many people on here don't even use the starch. I have only used 1 melba toast 3 times in 27 days, and that was for crumbs to bread chicken for or for meatballs. It seems that it may slow losses for some people. Personally, I am like WTH is 1 melba toast worth, when I used to eat at least 6!! I think it would make my cravings for that carb crunch worse.

    The same for fruits. Some people limit their fruits to 1 a day, in which case they raise their veggie servings and add a bit more protein to their meals. I do love my baked apple at night, though!

    Petroleum jelly is allowed. Personally, I would use whatever cold sore medicated salve that you would typically use. It is such a small portion of your skin that any disadvantage of any "bad" product in would surely be outweighed by the advantages of having that thing less painful and healed! (I have not changed my skin products or lip products, btw. I do use J&J baby wash and baby oil in the shower. I love my Carmex!)

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    Thanks for the info Badkitty

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    Babybelle, I know it's a lot of information to take in. We've all been there and this is a great site to get your quesions answered. Sounds like your plan is one that's been tweeked from the originol protocol. Have you read the Pounds & Inches manuscript from Dr. Simeon's? That's the best place to start to make sure you get the diet right. It lists the allowed foods and how to break it up for meals. There's also a newbie section on this forum that is really helpful.

    Badkitty, how are you feeling? I hope you're on the mend. Just wanted to point out, P&I doesn't actually require a different protein at lunch & dinner. Some people find that their losses are better if they change it up, but it's not required. I have no problem eating the same protein for both meals or eating both my fruits each day. As they say "MMV" from dieter to dieter.
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