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Thread: The Official January 2011 Loaders Thread

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    Stockton, Missouri
    I'm normally hot all the time too -- but I haven't had nearly as many "hot flashes" since I started the HHCG in October. I'm still warmer than everyone else in my office, and wear sleeveless tops year round, but not having to use my fan at work like last winter.

    R1 10/16/10 Weight 251.2
    R5D1 11/05/11 Weight 220.6
    R5D2: +4
    R5D3: +.8
    R5D4: -4.8
    R5D5: -4.0
    R5D6: -1.2
    R5D7: +.4
    R5D8: +.4
    R5D9: -1.0
    R5D10: +.4
    R5D11: +1.2

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    R8P2 IM Injections
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    Hello everybody day 3 of vlcd fo me!!! I'm having small cravings (mostly sweets) but not to bad.
    I will wait till day 8 to see if I need to adjust my dose. I'm at 150 iu's. IM
    Don't give up everybody summer is just around the corner!!!!

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    R2/P2/HCG Drops
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    Hey everyone! I just found this thread, I've been posting also in the January Newbies thread. Today was my VLCD3 and I still have not cheated (though it has been tough a couple times)! So far losses have been steady - 2.2 on the first day and 2 yesterday. Here's hoping tomorrow brings good results as well!

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    R2, P2, SubQ
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    Just started today. Loading day 1. Here's to a new year!!

    6/27/11 R3P2D1 vlcd 180.2 (after 6 day load: yikes!)
    D2 177.2 -3
    D3 176 -1.2
    D4 174.8 -1.2
    D5 175 +.2

    4/23/11 R2P2D1 vlcd 184.4
    (short hcg round- 1 week then no hcg and high fat/mod protein)
    5/30 start of wk 4 maintenance 172.5
    end of maintenance 172 -12.4

    1/5/11 D1 221.8 -38lbs (66 days)

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    R1, P2 - Injections
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    Everyone sounds like they're doing so well!! Maybe 2011 is going to be goood
    I was going to try not to weigh every day.. so weighed on Saturday (first Loading day) and was 181lbs, then didnt weigh Second Loading day, or first VLCD, I did however weigh Tuesday, when I was up one, to 182lbs, and because of that and being scared I weighed yesterday again, and was down 2, and again down another 2lbs today!! So 4lbs in the last 2 days... it's crazy!!
    I'm drinking way more water than usual, so I think that is definitely a significant factor... however as I'm in the UK, it's wniter and is freezing! I've taken to drinking very weak Cordial or Sqaush, but hot. I know there's a lot of sugar in it, but I just can't handle one cup of tea, with hardly any milk, or black coffee.. and fruit teas here are disgusting.! Has anybody else every tried this?
    I'm worried that in the long run it'll slow me down, but then at the same time don't want to sacfrifice it as I like that it means I can have a few how drinks all day!!!
    Well done to everyone ***
    ♥ ♥ ♥


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    R4 - Clean up....
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    Hey everyone, been lurking a few days. I'm in P4, starting R2 on Jan 15th. I lost 22 pounds in R1, stabilizing around my LIW (until I go on a bender, lol). Then I get tough and have a steak day to lose it all back. When I'm up really high, I lose like 4 pounds on my steak day, so I guess that's cool. Can't wait for R2P2. I did a 43 day round first time, but will only be doing 23 this time because I have less to lose, and I'm nervous I'll get burned out and cheat. On week 3 of R1, I stalled then cheated big time. I thought I was going to give up. Anyway, mgsongdance on this thread helped me through it and I lost like 7 pounds in my last week. So if you think about quitting early just think what 7 pounds would do for you...

    Quote Originally Posted by tmott24 View Post
    Hi, all! Nice losses I am seeing! Today is VLCD 3 and I have lost all of my load weight plus an additional pound. Woo-hoo! I can't wait to get into some new numbers I haven't seen in a couple of years. And some of those clothes hiding in the back of my closet. I ordered some vanilla creme stevia and it should be arriving sometime soon. I can't wait! How many of you guys use sparkling mineral water during p2 and are okay with it?
    I've just started using it with chocolate stevia....yum!!! Funny, during P2, I had Perrier with lemon and stevia and hated it. Looking forward to having a sweet drink. I also drank Zevia during P2 with no probs. About 1 every other day.

    Quote Originally Posted by renee5 View Post
    vlcd3 morning down another 4 pounds. Have done 2 full days of vlcd and have lost 8.8 pounds. Is this possible? LOL! Talk about "shock and awe".
    That's what keeps you going. Remember this day when times get tough.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mini View Post
    Think I'm going to do a high protein day and see how I am tomorrow. Hopefully its just water!
    I'd go for the steak day. Much more rewarding...if you get hungry, just eat 1/3 of your steak for lunch. It will hold you over....

    Quote Originally Posted by hbugsmama View Post
    Yeah, originally I was going to do 30 days but my losses became miniscul around day 19. So I stuck with it and finally had enough on day 24! I did well and lost almost 18 pounds but with the holidays I needed to stop lol. So come hell or high water I am sticking with it this round!!!
    I thought of you when writing my story...I wanted to quit in my third week. Do it this time...even if you falter a little along the way, get back on track and you'll do fine! 7 pounds!!

    Quote Originally Posted by pbgirl View Post
    My husband is a nocturnal HCGer. He works overnihgt. It's wierd because when I get home from work and ready to cook dinner, he is just getting up and ready for his apple. So we never eat together, I just cook my dinner and package his up for later in the day.
    I remember you. I'm still on 3rd shift. Personally, I think it has helped me to lose to be on an "off" schedule. I wake up at 5, get the kids dinners ready, then have my coffee, then P2 dinner around 8. Then I just have to make it to 3 am to eat my dinner. Then home and back to sleep around 8. As long as I stay away from OVERTIME...

    OK, bye all and best of luck to you in the morning. I'll post again when I'm loaded up and ready...using pellets this time.

    1/1/10 - 197 pounds
    Lowest 146.2
    R4 - Start 9/10/11

    OK, OK, I made an update thread--http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...-thread-29977/

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    On the subject of stevia....
    Prior to R1, I had never tried stevia. Since I couldn't have regular sugar in my coffee anymore on the diet, I had to try it. I tried a bunch of different brands that my local grocery store carries and didn't like ANY of them. And I tried SweetLeaf Stevia. Didn't like that one, either - even the flavored kinds. I can taste the alcohol in them (ALL the liquid stevias have alcohol). I decided I needed to stick with a powdered one (all the grocery store brands - except 1 - were powdered). And THEN... FINALLY... I found this one:

    Now Foods Stevia Extract. I LOVE it!!! It has actually replaced - permanently - my old teaspoon of sugar in my coffee. It comes with a tiny, little spoon/measuring scoop in it and 1 scoop is all I need in my coffee. So, while this 1 oz. container may seem small, it lasts a long, long time because I only have to use a tiny amount. I bought it at iHerb.com here: http://www.iherb.com/Now-Foods-Stevi...-28-g/329?at=0

    If you're interested and have never ordered from iHerb (no - I DON'T work for them), use my coupon code DOH588 and you can get it for .95 plus shipping!

    ....As for my progress, I lost another 3.2 lbs bringing me to a total loss of 7.6 lbs. I'm happy. 7.6 lbs by day 5 is .2 more than I did in R1. I'll be curious to see where I am when I hit the one week mark (R1 was -11.2 lbs).

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    Hello all!

    WOW! I have been so busy this week, I haven't been able to check in until today. There are soo many people on this thread - how wonderful!

    So glad to be on this journey with you all!

    I was on the road earlier this week, and slow going getting back on track. Lesson learned! I have to be SUPER prepared, even if I go away for only two days! I haven't lost this week, and gained one back. I'm right back with it and hope to see the losses pile back up here in the next few days. My body LOVES the weight I am at, I was here for YEARS, so I really have to move past this and hopefully get my body set at my new goal weight!

    Onward and upward!

    Have a great day everyone!
    *****Started R1P2 12/27/2010 Sublingual Drops*****

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    Goos morning! Lost another 1.5 this morning, making my total 7.5 on VLCD4. TOM came this morning....losses will prob slow down a bit due to it. Good luck today everyone!!!
    Changing my life...one day at a time...

    Septmember 2010 - Round 1
    Starting Weight: 231.7
    30 lbs in 33 days
    LDW: 201.9
    Maintained at 199.0

    January 2011 - Round 2
    Starting Weight (after load): 203.5
    Current Weight (VLCD21): 186.9 (-16.4)
    Maintained at 193.0

    March 2011 - Round 3
    Starting weight (after load): 194.0
    Current Weight (VLCD15): 185.3

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    R2/P4/rx sublingual
    Good morning everyone! I love this thread, I am getting such great info. Today is VLCD3, I had lost almost another 2 pounds this morning. This really works! So happy everyone is doing so well.

    R1 began 1/2/11 R1 loss -28.4 lbs LDW 150
    R2 began 4/9/11 R2 loss -16 lbs. LDW 134.8
    Reached my goal on 5/4/2011 P3 started 5/11/2011

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    vlcd4 stayed the same. Still at 8.8 lost. Could be TOM, miracle noodles or sweet n low. Going to cut 2 of those things out today and see. Wish I could cut TOM out. LOL! I am hungry so don't know what's up with that. Oh well I will take it 1 minute at a time today if I have to. I am not giving up on this. Failure is not an option. Good losing today everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peggys1699 View Post
    If it was me -- I'd do a high protein day and take off what I could before Friday -- but wouldn't go as drastic as a steak day -- did you gain all of that overnight, or has it been coming on slowly?
    I was slowly going up the past couple of days. My own fault because I know peanut butter makes me gain and so ketchup, even the low sugar kind. I am truly bloated today, can feel it. I didn't get rid of any of the water yesterday and I simply MUST today before I start loading tomorrow!!!

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