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Thread: What Do You Know About 'oil Pulling'

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    Hi gang.......
    An starting my first load day today for my3rd round of ph2. Did not stabalize at LW but did stabilizea few lb up. Sad about that. But did what I could.
    NOW to my question. Oil put a tablespoon of coconut oil,sesame,or whatever in your mouth and swish around for 20 min then spit out.....pulls out toxins and deals with candida,also helps clears sinus. Can add oregano and clove to the mix for a more healing mixture.
    Plan to try this and wondered if any of you good ppl have had experience with it and could shed some light on it.
    Thanks for your help! bj

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    This is very interesting! I just googled "oil pulling" and got a lot of information! Check it out!!

    Thanks for posting this wonderful tip!

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    I have also read about oil pulling and it sounds great I just never started because I couldn't commit to the time it takes LOL . Although I might start after P2 because I was having teeth problems and decided to just start brushing with coconut oil for 4 min every morning with a electric toothbrush, and not only did it solve my pain I was having my teeth have become very white. My friends noticed and wanted to know what I was doing. So I also started brushing my dogs teeth with it and solved his horrible breath problem and his teeth also turned white. LOL I'm in love with the stuff.

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    That is very good info! It saves a lot of money at the dentist!

    I read on many issues can be cured with Oil Pulling...even migraine headaches!

    It does take 15 minutes to do it properly, so I can understand the issue with time.

    Do you think it would be OK to do the oil pulling or coconut oil teeth brushing on this protocol, since we spit out the oil?

    I believe I will do it and see the results. Of course, the main thing is to spit out the oil.

    I soak my toothbrushes in water and hydrogen peroxide (1/2 and 1/2). It really keeps them fresh and germ-free! I use one of the small plastic bathroom cups and can use the same liquid for several days.

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    I have no idea if brushing would affect our weightloss, I have read where some people can do coconut oil on P2 but some can't. I'm to chicken to try because my weightloss has been slow the whole time vLCd 14 R1 . If you do it keep me posted I miss it so much and am so worried about what the tea is doing to my teeth. The tea just makes this diet so much easier for me otherwise I would give it up.

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    If you put oil in your mouth, even if you spit it out you risk gaining weight or not loosing like you otherwise would have. Oil is absormed quickly through the skin, I imagine it's absorbed even more quickly in the mouth.

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    coconut oil is one of the oils that the body does not recognize as a "fat" and is okay to do on P2 of this diet. If you have a different reaction to it, don't do it anymore, but do give it a try. I will be trying the tooth brushing with it as soon as I can afford to get some. I'm into P4 and fully stabilized at 2# below LDW. Good luck, y'all!

    Becky *.*

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    Marbeck - What is your source for the information that coconut is not recognized by the body as food? I use coconut oil in most of my cooking and like it as a moisturizer but from what I have read it cannot be used because it is a food. I would love to be able to use it in P2.

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    I got that information right here on this forum. The body recognizes it as FOOD but not as FAT. We do have to account for the calories it has, but many people have commented that they use it as a skin moisturizer with no problems. coconut oil and mineral oil aren't recognized by the body as FATS.

    Becky *.*

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    But I wouldn't ingest coconut oil on P2. It might be okay as a moisturizer. I haven't tried it. I've stuck to what Dr. S says and only used mineral oil.
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