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Thread: Will I be ok?

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    Will I be ok?

    So I was offered this new job, part of my training is a physical stress test. From what I hear its extremely physical too. I was told that I would have to be able to walk up 24 stairs 3 times, do it again while carrying 75 pounds of weight,Climb ladders, run, flexibility tests, etc. My question is, I have read that 30 minutes of walking briskly is ok but what about something as physical as what Im about to do? Do I eat more protein? Skip the vlcd for a day? Oh Im on day 24 of phase 2 I dont know if that helps. HELP!!!! lol Thanks for the help. Have a great day.

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    Three suggestions...make sure you are well hydrated, add extra protein that day before the test, and eat a fruit or two right before the test to give you some carbs to burn. You should be OK...its important to do well on the test, so do what you need to do. You can always get back on the protocol later. Good luck!!! Go get em!!
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    Thanks for responding so quickly. I have been doing a little bit of walking everyday. The sad thing is its been so cold outside that I have to go to the store in order to go for a walk. I live in Alaska and with the windchill its been like -35 lately, tons of windstorms. I was just concerned because I have read some horror stories about people working out. Thanks for the info, from the sounds of it Im going to have to wake up and eat breakfast. My tedst is at 10:45 am tomorrow.


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