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Thread: OOPS...left my hcg outon counter for 6 hours!!!

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    I got home on my lunchbreak and was horrified to see it sitting there. Sooooo...I stuffed it back in the fridge. Is it still good or not? This will NOT happen again. Any help please. I've sent a couple emails out to people elsewhere and no one has responded! I'm hoping someone here will pull through for me...soon. Tomorrow is my no shot tomorrow would be great. Please and Thanks

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    Opps, you can test the hCG to see if it is any good, just get a Home PG test, put the hcg mixture on it and see if it shows Positive. If it does it is good,

    But it is so cheap, if you have doubts about it just mix a new batch.


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    Update: I did a lot of searching for my above stated question and for 10 people got 10 answers. The majority said that it should be fine. BUT..for three days I had a "lull" it was not fun to see the scale not go down. I did even gain .2 on Thursday. So today, Saturday January 10th, I mixed my second batch to get through my next 23 injections. My last injection will be February 3rd (one day off per week). I point is that I think my hcg WAS affected by being left out of the fridge for 6 hours. If not, it was a complete coincidence and I just threw it away anyways. OH WELL, I would rather be safe than sorry.

    And yes, I did expect my loss to slow a bit but not STOP for three days. So here we go!! I'll report back (someone sometime will need this information) LOL

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    I know this is a super old post but I'm curious as to what happened when you mixed the fresh batch. I left my HCG out overnight :/ andddd I'm now thinking that might have something to do with my slow losses the last few days.

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    therobesons, i dont know what hcg you buy... but mine isnt cheap lol. (real hcg)

    either way, that would suck because if you dont have more hcg available soon then it could mess up your diet =/

    i hope that it was still good after the six hours on the counter. im going on a road trip tomorrow so i will be keeping my hcg packed in some ice and hope that will be okay for the trip. (4-6 hour trip)

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    I do the Homeopathic hcg and I never put mine in the fridge I just put them in now that I am in P3 but it still worked for me. The lady at the clinic never told me to put in fridge...That kind of makes me mad if I was suppose to...but it still worked I lost 20lbs and my sister lost 25lb so I guess it still worked.
    Peace, Love, Happiness,

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    Dr S says you can leave it up to 3 days but if you are going to keep it longer you should refridgerate. You should be fine

    Just another hCG forum

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    okay there seems to be some confusion about what kind of hcg everyone is talking about in this discussuion.. i assumed the person who started this thread was talking about pharmaceutical grade hcg, not Homeopathic.

    real hcg must be refrigerated @yellowbug so i think thats what sheesab was referring to.

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    Thanks Jenni I was hoping that it was ok.

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    I use real hcg and so did Dr. S

    Here, just so there isn't any confusion. Dr. S's words:

    >>>The powder is sealed in ampoules or in rubber-capped bottles in varying amounts which are stated in International Units. In this form HCG is stable; however, only such preparations should be used that have the date of manufacture and the date of expiry clearly stated on the label or package. A suitable solvent is always supplied in a separate ampoule in the same package.

    Once HCG is in solution it is far less stable. It may be kept at room-temperature for two to three days, but if the solution must be kept longer it should always be refrigerated. When treating only one or two cases imultaneously, vials containing a small number of units say 1000 I.U. should be used. <<<

    Hope this helps

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