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Thread: My opinion on this lovely Diet

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    My opinion on this lovely Diet

    Ok..So when I first started this diet 11 days ago I was all gun ho about sticking to the exact protocol. Natural shampoos and conditioners, crystal deodorant, minimal make up..bla bla bla.. I have decided that I would rather still lose at a lesser rate and still look and smell good than lose more and smell like an armpit and look like I just climbed out of a dumpster! lol You gotta do what works for you to stick to this thing!!
    "The most successful people are those who are good at plan B"

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    hahaha! I agree
    Kristina, 41 yrs, 5'8"

    Starting weight- 234.5
    Lowest -158
    Maintenance for 1 year- 164
    Current- 168

    Sep 15 '10 R1/53dayP2/hhcg- 35.1 lbs lost
    Jan 20 '11 R2/55dayP2/hhcg-7.3 load gain, 33.6 lbs lost
    Apr 20 '11 R3/38dayP2/rx injects- 8 lbs load/pms gain, 17 lbs lost..bah! Break time
    Jun 04 '11 R3/28dayP2/rx injects- no load 6 lbs lost/ one size

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