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Thread: Orange Theory Fitness- HIIT- and P2 ????

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    Orange Theory Fitness- HIIT- and P2 ????


    Posting in general here since it seems most people are in this space and NOT in the exercising thread.

    I do Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) 2 times per week (please just google it) but it's HIIT weights, treads and rowing in a group setting.

    It tracks your heart rate in real time and it keeps a log for you in an app, etc.

    I didn't exercise on protocol back in 2009 other than my roller derby practices. Didn't seem to negatively affect me. So, this go-round I want to see if OTF will be OK given I usually burn between 380 and 580 calories per session (60 mins).

    Does anyone have any experience with OTF & hCG, and if so any suggestions.


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    Hi - I have the same exact question (OT, 2x/week, want to start HCG)...I see no one ever responded to your question, and I'm wondering what you ended up doing and what the results were. Did you do your same OT routine on HCG...did you adjust anything on the exercise end (hard to do at OT since they direct you and not vice versa) or on the HCG end (e.g., extra calories/protein, adding lemon and salt to water for electrolytes, etc.)...did you feel OK if you did both or was it exhausting...did you suffer any after-effects in P4? Would love to hear back from you on this! I did a google search on Orange Theory + HCG Diet and yours is the ONLY search result I'm finding to this specific question. So sad when I saw no replies on here!

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    I think Leez or another moderator, coach will respond at some point. But from my understanding it is ok to continue anything you have been doing as far as exercise, if you find you are able to do so. It is not recommended you start any new exercise activity when starting P2 protocol. Love that graphic, YES!

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    I keep working out when in P2. I do HIIT, conditioning, and weightlifting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsstrong View Post
    I keep working out when in P2. I do HIIT, conditioning, and weightlifting.

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    I do Pilates and spin while on P2. I add in a little extra protein with my meals if Iím hungry. I read something from Scott Watson that said it was fine and he went into detail why.

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    Yes, in my opinion you can do. I’ve done strenuous workouts in P2. I’m familiar with OT as I’m doing some of their classes now. You can always take it a little easier in class if you have low energy. I would definitely do extra protein as you don’t want to lose muscle. Perfect Aminos are great, although expensive, (you can Google them) as you absorb almost all the protein, (more so than protein powders), they will preserve your muscles and they have hardly any calories. You could also do collagen powder.


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