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Thread: For Those Interested in Work Outs--Here's My Picks for Your House

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    Thanks Penny-
    I did P90 several years ago and it was great. (Tough! But great! :-) I am now 52 and getting close to my goal weight. I'm thinking of trying P90x - but am not sure I am physically able to keep up with it. What's your take on difficulty? I think I have compromised some muscle the past couple years and feel I need to firm/tone up a little once the weight is off. I'm thinking summer would be a great time to set as a goal for getting fit again. I appreciate all your expertise here. :-)


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    I found Zumba DVDs online - a couple of different ones, like a series - do they gt harder as you go along? Alot of health clubs around here have the Zumba classes but they are so crowded. Thanks again Penny
    Owl righty then!

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    Hi Penny,

    I am so glad this was not sunk! I just ordered the Power 90, was not ready for the p90x. I just participated in a freel trial bootcamp and really liked it, but cannot afford the fee's at this time. So, this info came at a very good time for me, I can follow the dvd's on my own and actually afford this. Thanks for sharing this info, I really appreciate it!!

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    Penny, great info!

    What do you think about Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred?

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    Zumba yes.. but Slim in 6 is too much for HCG phase 2 at least... ask me how i know..

    awesome info though thank you

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    I thought we weren't supposed to lift weights during Phase 2? I am starting my second round tomorrow and would love to continue to do some weights along with my 15 minute walk in the mornings! Any thoughts?

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    You shouldn't lift weights if you weren't already doing that! Towards the end of P2 you will find that your muscles just don't work they way they did in the beginning because of abnormal fat that has left gaps in the muscles. This is fix itself in P3.

    I can't think of too many people who have been on the protocol for a bit that would advocate doing any type of exercise other than perhaps walking each day, which is what Dr. S recommended.


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    katie lou: i dont' like book based workouts. they are hard to follow without instruction on proper technique and form. it's not for me but i love jillian and she knows her stuff (obviously since she's on tv lol!) so i'm not going to knock it.

    as far as lifting on p2, i wouldn't start anything strenuous on p2 but as i said, i've been monitoring my husband and he's doing beautifully. infact if the diet creates gaps in the muscels and you gain muscel fatigue, it is not a bad thing to do some lifting even if you aren't doing it now. i don't advise on getting a set of 15+ lbs weights but 2-5 lbs each shouldn't be detrimental to your diet.

    one of my "treatments" for my husband is if he starts to get sore, i have him eat his protein separate from his veggies and fruit. example: he works out and 30 min later he eats his chicken breast. later for supper, he'll eat baby spinach with no dressing and an orange.

    he was a couch potato before this. now he's an animal.

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    Someone was sinking this thread? It might have been accidental. We see that sometimes. People try to click the bookmark link and hit the wrong spot. Don't take it personally, hon!
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    Okay, I'm really confused? This was sunk? It was up when I posted.

    If it was sunk Colleen is right.....it happens sometimes. I wouldn't get too upset about it it's happened to many of us LOL


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    I must confuse ( can't even spell the word confess) when I first started visiting this forum I sunk a thread thinking it brought it to the bottom of the page. OOPS
    Did not have a clue. It wasn't this one but sorry. I learned and I think we all are. I'm not computer savy

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    it was sunk a few times but i would go find it and unsink it lol! i wasn't about to let somebody sink MY topic
    i figured someone thought i was plugging beach body or that i was a bb coach and i'm not. i'm just a big ole dork that immerses myself in all the info on a topic that interests me i love fitness

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