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Thread: Has anyone been on Oxy Elite while....

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    Has anyone been on Oxy Elite while....

    doing the HCG protocol? I was taking them for 8 weeks prior to starting my second round and I lost 23lbs (thanks to the Oxy and a low carb high protein diet). They are awesome and all natural just 100mg of caffeine. They give you an INSANE energy boost and pretty much eliminate your appetite/cravings. I plan on using them in P3 to help the transition as in my first round I gained 20lbs back of the 30 I lost because I didnt take it serious enough and I am almost certain the Oxy Elite will help me a whole deal.....If they helped me Im sure they can help others as well
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    Hi Ness. Heard and have researched that it had great reviews from fitness enthusiasts. I am looking at that as well but I was going to wait until P4 and use it when I am actually working out.


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