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Thread: P2 Italian dressing

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    P2 Italian dressing

    Anyone know the closest p2 friendly italian dressing on the market or homemade that most closely resembles KRAFT italian dressing? My hubby is starting his first round next weekend and he ONLY uses kraft italian lol...I will make the homemade with vinegar and chicken broth for him to try but if thats a no-go does anyone have any experience with something maybe on the market somewhere that actually tastes good and doesn't have sugar in it??
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    I believe Walden Farms makes a line of zero calorie dressings and other products, but I haven't tried them or Kraft since I'm kind of a purest in my eating. They can be found in most grocery stores and your husband may like them.

    I usually just made a dressing from red wine vinegar, mustard powder and orange juice (using the rest of the orange as my fruit with that meal) or a ranch dressing with 1 T milk, herbs and vinegar.

    I didn't often eat salads in P2 because I like lots of blue cheese dressing on my salad.

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    Yea I know they do...they use splenda I believe....but I am leary of the taste because I tryed the waldens ranch and it was the most horrible tasting thing ever LOL...and my hubby has to brown bag it for work (no microwave or fridge) so thinking salads...
    In order to find myself again, I must lose a little of myself in the process

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    I use Walden Farms products. They sell them at the HCG clinic her in town. The Balsamic Vinigerette, Raspberry Vinigerette, Italian, and Sun Dried Tomato are really good.

    If you crave something sweet, the caramel dip is good.

    You gotta be careful, because some like the thicker, creamy dressing like blue cheese and ranch are disgusting, as is the alfredo sauce. But I think the above listed products will be permanent staples in my diet, even after this journey is over.


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