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Thread: P3 "Cookbook"

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    I'd love a copy! today is my last day of drops and I'm a bit nervous about adding foods... Thanks! [email protected]

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    grace 1 cross @ aol dot com

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    I would appreciate a copy. Thank you. [email protected]
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    Ohhh I want a copy too!!! pretty please! My email is [email protected]

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    If your still willing to share copies I would love one. I am on ph3 and struggling. Ideas would be helpful for sure. [email protected]. Thank y ou

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    i'd like to see them, too- thanks! [email protected]
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    I hope I am not too late to request a copy of the cookbook!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love this as a resource as my skills in the kitchen require all the help I can get!! Thanks!! [email protected]

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