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Thread: P3 and Splenda

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    P3 and Splenda

    Is Splenda ok in P3? I have been looking at some recipes thinking I could swap out the sugar for Splenda or the brown sugar Splenda but then I wasn't sure if it was ok in P3 so thought I would ask.

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    Well... I think everyone is so different on this! I am a spenda user (like all the time everyday) and on my first round I waited about a week into P2 to use it and then watched and it made no difference... This is my second round and I have used it since day 1 and I have no problem with it! With that being said I have had problems in P3 trying other brands (in the sugar free candies) and I do not do well... So I would love to see what others have to say on this topic and what their experience has been... Good luck:-)
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    I waited until my second week of phase 3 to use it, but I use it with everything and have no problem so far. I use it with greek yogurt, tea, coffee, and even cocoa crack. I bought a big bag of it to use for baking, but haven't yet.

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    from www.vegan-nutritionista.com:

    Sucralose is made by chemically altering the structure of sugar molecules by adding chlorine atoms in place of hydroxyl groups.(Everything You Need to Know About Sucralose, International Food Information Council ) Sucralose is therefore chlorinated sugar; a chlorocarbon.

    Chlorocarbons are poisonous; they're used in bleach, disinfectants, insecticide, poison gas, and hydrocholric acid. (http://www.holisticmed.com/splenda/bowen.html) Because it technically started as sugar, sucralose can be marketed as "made from sugar."

    The US FDA approved sucralose in 1998, but it has not yet been approved in most European nations. In the pre-approval stage, the FDA conducted short-term tests that actually found the potential for toxicity, but it was approved anyway.

    According to the "New Scientist" November 23 1991 edition on page 13, the pre-approval tests conducted on animals (you know how much I hate these tests) showed toxicity:

    •Shrunken thymus glands (up to 40% shrinkage)
    •Enlarged liver and kidneys
    •Atrophy of lymph follicles in the spleen and thymus
    •Increased cecal weight
    •Reduced growth rate
    •Decreased red blood cell count
    •Hyperplasia of the pelvis
    •Extension of the pregnancy period
    •Aborted pregnancy
    •Decreased fetal body weights and placental weights
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