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Thread: Phase 3-- Ham & Bacon??

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    Can I eat ham and bacon on Phase 3? I have heard people talk about certain kinds and was wondering what kinds I can eat. Only a few days till I start Phase 3!!

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    Yes, you can have them, but be careful not to eat too much fat and salt. I ate the turkey bacon and turkey sausage almost everyday for breakfast with my fruit. It's much lower in calories and fat.

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    Ok well what fruits did you eat besides what is allowed in phase 2? bananas??

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    girlygirl, generally bananas are not allowed in phase three because they are very high on the glycemic index. Bob has a great document on his site about reintroducing foods. Check that out, it will make you feel better. In general, the rule is no starch or sugar, and when in doubt, fat is better than any type of carb. Sugar in fruit is ok, but don't push it with high glycemic fruits like bananas and grapes. Check out Bob's site.
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    I stayed away from the bananas, melons, and grapes. I had pineapple twice and gained a little the next day so I cut that out. You should definitely check out Bob's reintroduction list. It's at www.whenhealthmatters.com. I agree with IluvKats...Fat is better to have than sugar. But you don't need to worry about every little gram of sugar in dressings, etc...Just stay away from bread, pasta, rice, desserts, corn, beans, sweet fruits, etc...the obvious no-no's.

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    i eat ham every day with my omelette, 1 or 2 slices a day, and have about 3 slices of bacon with that omelette, and neither effect my weight at all. The bacon is maple flavor, but sugars on package say 0g/3 slices, and continue to maintain.

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    I found an organic chicken and apple sausage at my local health food market. Its made by Applegate farms. The ingredients are organic chicken, organic dried apples, sodium lactate from beets, less than 2% sea salt, organic apple juice concentrate, organic spices and organic garlic. It looks to be lower in fat than regular sausage. It sounded great so I will let you all know how it is! Sounded better than riskng maple bacon although I do love bacon....

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    If you are eating bacon and ham, it should be sugar free. While some people eat the regular stuff without gaining, it might cause stabilization issues down the road.

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    where do you find sugar free bacon? Is it in the regular stores? Thanks. Patty

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    I found one brand sugar free bacon (don't remember which brand) at a regular grocery store.

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    i always ate regular bacon and didn't have a problem with it.
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