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Thread: phase 3 are we suppose to still lose weight or just maintain??

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    I am curious I am still in phase 2 but two weeks is Phase 3. I am reading where a lot of people have trouble keeping the weight off some gain some lose. In reality what exactly are we suppose to do in phase 3, lose, gain, or maintain???

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    Hey Wanda~

    In Phase 3 you are supposed to maintain your weight according to KT book. It says you should not go over 2 lbs. HOWEVER, I am in my second week of phase 3 and I totally flucuate up to 4/5 lbs. It has been alittle frustrating... I am also on my period and I know that has something to do w/ the weight gain. When I had gone up to 5 lbs, I did do the steak protocol and lost 1.5 that night. So I have really had to watch what I eat when I kind of thought it wasn't suppose to matter, as long as it was organic. Right now I am 3lbs over my final weight for phase 2 but I am not going to sweat it -

    I will be so curious to hear how you do in phase 3. How are things going? I really enjoyed phase 2, seeing the weight loss was so motivating!!!!!!!!

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    I had bad advise when I began, they didn't tell me about the load up on fat the first two days, I began the diet immediately, and ate turkey twice a day for the first week, plus an egg and a piece of 40 cal bread for breakfast so I didn't los anything. Then the Tuesday of the second week I had a peticure and manicure with OIL so if was four more days before I saw a drop. ever since its been about three pounds a week. I had two stalls and I did an egg day. which again I believe the egg day is for Phase 3 but it worked I lost pound to pound and half each time got unstalled and have two weeks to go I hope to lose at least five pounds before I begin phase 3. thanks for asking This is my first round of hcg injections. I'd like to lose fifty pounds. What round are you in?

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    Have you read Kevin Trudeau's book The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About? I would really recommend this so that you fully understand this protocol so that you can lose the maximum amount of weight. It is very specific and as you've already experienced such a small thing as having a mani/pedi with oil will stop your weight loss for 3-4 days.
    It also explains that in Phase 3 you are supposed to maintain not lose because any loss will probably be muscle or structural fat. I've been in phase 3 now for 3 1/2 weeks, the maintainance has been fairly easy and I will go back on the shots in 3 more weeks to lose my last 20 pounds. It's a little hard to get used to the scale just staying put after seeing it drop every day in phase 2 but I know that is how it is supposed to be and when I go back on the shots the rest of the weight will come off.

    mpoloface2- Kevin does talk also about not only eating organic but being aware of portions and only eating when we are hungry, stopping when we are full, and being more aware of when we are eating for other reasons, lonely, tired, bored, mad, etc... I have tried to be more mindful of these things, I haven't been limiting myself, I don't pay any attention to calories at all as long as it is healthy and organic and just trying to be aware of if I'm truly hungry and I've had a pretty easy time maintaining in phase 3.

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    Wanda - I am going into my third week of Phase 3. I would like to lose about 10-15 more lbs. I've been very torn about staying on phase 3 for the 6 weeks then starting back up again w/ the hcg for an additional 40 days. I think that I read once you've reached your goal weight to continue the injections and double the food until the injections are done. Part of me wants to take some time off... see how I do w/ phase 4 - incorporating sugars/starches in to my diet. I do walk but want/need to start pilates (after two babies, I've got a belly of dough) and some weight training. I regret now not doing this while I was doing the injections. I did notice I had plenty of energy for an hour walk / keeping up w/ two kiddies but I tried Billy Blanks tae-bo and it was too much. BUT the other part of me wants to just do the injections, get it over with... they always say the last 10 lbs are the hardest to lose, and why not lose the right fat, keep muscle and structural fat? So I have to figure this out soon!!!!! I have a year to order another batch of hcg w/o having to do the blood work again! Wow that was some babbling eh? lol
    I totally agree w/ Katie, Kevin Trudaue is a great guide for this protocol. It is an easy read.

    Katie - You are so right... there is more to it than just eating organically. Phase 2 was so controlled w/ our diets. So it was easy to follow. I have to post my before and after photos on my fridge so that I do not allow myself to surrender to my old eating habits. Trying to pay attention when I am full is a bit challenging for me. I have to say... now that I am at the tail end of my menstral cycle - WOW what a difference, I feel like everyday I see a change for the better on the scale!!

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    myoloface2, My husband thinks I am going to go crazy when I begin phase3 and gain it back. I hope I have more will power than that. I mean I stuck with 500 cal a day and stuck to the foods I was suppose to even when all around me are temtations. So we'll see. You are right to have phase 4 I am ready right now to not do Phase 3 or 4 but continue with my loss. I love waking up and having lost half a pound you know.... I read another forum and the ladies in there say they go from phase 3 right into phase 2 even without gourging and have no problem so it is something to consider huh?

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    wanda, I would be curious to know what other hcg forum you are talking about. It's nice to be in contact w/ others that are in the same boat as you It's so ironic, during phase 2 I couldn't wait to be done with the weight loss and begin to have other foods other than what is allowed. Now that I am in Phase 3, I miss phase 2 - yes, there is nothing better than spending a Friday night in your closet geting rid of clothes that are now too BIG! About every 4 days that is what I did~ Phase 3 has been a learning experience for me so far, I technicaly have only one week left and KT is right, I cannot eat in front of the tv anymore, no more munchies right before I go to bed!!! I've learned not to fill my entire plate with food because I will eat til it is all gone - I make smaller portions for myself. Well... have fun with phase 2!!!!! Enjoy the weight loss~ again, do you mind letting me know the link or website for the other hcg forum? Thanks~

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    mpoloface2, try this web address. it is how I get in let me know if you get in ok. this site is a lot easy to move around and visit but there seems to be more folks on the other one I don't know I am still trying to get around in it. Wanda

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    I'm not sure if you know that when you go back on phase 2 that you don't have to do the whole 40 days of shots if you lose those last pounds before you finish. You have to do a minimum of 21 shots and if you're where you want to be then you can go right into Phase 3 after that. That's what I'm hoping for, maximum of 3-4 weeks with this last round. We'll see if my body cooperates. I actually can't wait to start again and see that loss every day, I'm bummed that I have to wait 2 1/2 more weeks, I'm counting the days.
    I also totally feel the same as you do about missing phase 2. I know it sounds crazy but it's just so much easier not being hungry and having everything so defined, I knew what I had to eat and that was it. I actually went to Disneyland when I was on phase 2 and it was so easy, nothing really tempted me and I wasn't hungry. I went again on phase 3 and it was harder. I was hungry every 2 hours and I had fruit and nuts with me, that wasn't a problem, but I missed how I felt when I was there on phase 2, just not being hungry at all.
    Wanda- Tell your husband to try to be a little more supportive then that. I know that it's scary but that's why we're here to help support eachother. When you start phase 3 try not to be too stressed out, especially the first week because your weight will flucuate a lot while it's trying to reset. Just follow the rules, read every ingredient for hidden sugars, be careful of eating more than you need but do not restrict yourself, as long as it's healthy and organic. Use a smaller plate, that has helped me a lot. and remember that our stomachs have shrunk so we will not be able to eat the amounts that we used to. I had to remind myself of this in the first few days of phase 3 with big stomachaches. And just be prepared to do the steak protocol any time that you go over 2 pounds. That's why the daily weighing is important. For the rest of our lives if we just do the steak protocol every time we get over 2 pounds then we will never go out of control again.

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    If I am understanding how you describe your phase 2 it seems like you are not following even close to the protocol. There is no bread or turkey on the list from Simeons or Trudeau. I know there's alot of confusion out there which I found when I began the protocol. I decided to follow Simeons the original creator of the protocal and the doctor that used it for many years. I printed out the entire 43 page overview "pounds and inches". I found this to be very clear and until I had a little set back with my menstruation time I was losing a pound a day consistently and still ended up with 23 pounds of weight loss after a 28 day program. I believe Phase 3 is even more important. I did not just want to lose weight I want this to be the last time I have to diet again in my life. Phase 3 is where your body resets your metabolism to ensure you can eat normally and not gain the weight back. Also the steak protocol is for phase 3, not 2. There are instructions for an apple day in phase 2 when weight loss seems to end. I suggest you print Simeons protocol and read the entire thing. Then follow exactly and you will be even more amazed how much loss you can have. And the best way to get your hubbys support for your next phase is for him to see the results and see the weight stay off. This is really an amazing program. I have been in phase 3 for 5 days now, eating cheese, nuts, eggs, using oils on my meats etc. and I am still under my weight set point. I understand I may still end up doing a steak day but still can't believe I am eating so well and the weight hasn't jumped way up. Good luck to you.

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