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Thread: IN a PINCH>>>

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    I start day 1 of VLCD tom. and (procrastinated) couldnt find Braggs apple cider vinegar OR Stevia SOOOO - I picked up regular apple cidar vinegar and Sweet n Low - will they be ok??
    OH and is Stevia in the raw allowed? I found that but wasnt sure so went with sweet n low.

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    Me, I have had no problem in using Swee n Low. I do like the Braggs the best.
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    I intend on finding Braggs this week and hopefully even Stevia (just to try it) but it may be a few days till I can do that so hopefully (crossing my fingers) I'm not sabotaging myself in the meantime! ) thanks LadyRider

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    I'm not sure but I thought Stevia in the raw had sugar in it.


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    Chelle....I had a hard time finding the Braggs too. I kept looking in stores where the soy sauce was but I eventually found it in with the vinegars. Also, I have noticed in grocery stores, it's with the organic items. It really does help add flavor to things in P2 if you are one of those who doesn't have issues with it. Good luck on your P2 adventure!

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    Stevia is in the vitamin section at Walmart, on the bottom shelf in every branch I've been in. A box of 100 packets costs around $6.00. It is safe to use as much as you want, so i put it in both iced coffee, and hot tea all day long. I think I use about ten packets a day. Any apple cider vinegar will do.


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