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Thread: Having a Planned Cheat on Monday - Any Suggestions

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    any suggestions to minimize the fallout afterwards?

    I have a friend coming to town and she wants Pad Thai at my favorite restaurant and they are going to be closed for the rest of the month traveling back to Thailand for a few weeks so I am not going to pass up the opportunity.

    I am currently doing cycles of 2 weeks on and 1 week off. I finished yesterday with shot #14 and will do 72 hours of p2, then 4 days of p3 then back to 2 weeks of shots. (I don't recommend this for anyone else but trying to see if will work for me). For the record, first 2 weeks were simple and lost 10 pounds, week off was fantastic and lost 5 pounds on my few days of p2, second 2 weeks were very rocky but down 9 pounds as of now and hoping for one more tomorrow.

    On Tuesday we are going to have pad thai. Should I eat nothing else the rest of the day? Should I eat normal p3 around my pad thai? How much of a gain should I be prepared for? Follow with a steak day????

    any suggestions to minimize would be appreciated.

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    Everyone is different...but, this is what I did for my planned cheat day. I graduated college and had a big celebration with family. I ate a little bit of everything that was cooked up, since I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings (plus they didnt know I was on the hcg diet). I was about a week into p3 at this point. I only had an apple for breakfast that day, saving the rest of the calories for dinner. I tasted everything, but didnt go overboard on stuffing myself too much. That night i drank extra water to help flush myself out, as I felt swollen from all the new foods (man my family likes starchy foods, lol). I gained 2lb the next morning, did a steak day, and got lost 2.3lb. The day or 2 after the steak day I stuck to safe p2 foods, but in p3 quantities and allowed mixing etc, just to make sure I stabilized out again, then I got back on to doing normal p3. Good luck to you, sometimes it just has to be worked around, these cheat days, you just have to do the best you can!


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