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Thread: Please post QUESTIONS here- we will try to answer asap!

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    What is the vanilla powder that is talked about in some recipes?

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    I'm using Jay Robb's Vanilla Egg White protein powder. I know that's safe in p2 and p3.
    It's pretty good, too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jessi gagm View Post
    What is the vanilla powder that is talked about in some recipes?
    I think you might be talking about something used as a vanilla extract substitute?

    You have to be careful with vanilla powders, because most of them are cut with sugar or malto-dextrin or some other agent to keep it free-flowing.

    This one seems to be vanilla only: http://www.amazon.com/Organic-Vanill...KRYRF8BZZEDY7Y

    I find that for vanilla flavoring in P2, the Capella Vanilla Custard flavored drops work really well. I get mine from Netrition, they seem to have the best prices.
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    Ladies what type of sweetener (brand, liquid, powder ) do you use for baking phase 3 and 4 ? Thank you

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    Sweet Leaf Stevia. the xylitol stuff gives me the runs something awful TMI! LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexa112284 View Post
    Ladies what type of sweetener (brand, liquid, powder ) do you use for baking phase 3 and 4 ? Thank you

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    Hello! A beginner here and I have lost about 8 pounds in 6 days but I am very fatigued and hungry. I am using homeopathic drops at 8 X 3 times a day. Does anyone have any advice as to the fatigue and hunger? Will this subside? Thank you kindly!

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    Yikes. That's a lot. I've heard homeopathic isn't real. So, you could be so hungry because you're losing fat the wrong way??

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    I'm on R1 P2 VLCD4 and feeling ravenously hungry and light-headed. I've been prescribed 20 units injection HCG through Kingsberg Medical along with every other day B12 and MIC/Lipo. The first P2 day, I ate just under 700 calories (150g protein instead of 100g), and told Kingsberg I was still super hungry and they told me to keep it closer to 500 starting out and said the hunger would subside in the next day or 2. Day 2, I had a horrible headache and was still really hungry, but dropped the calories to 600 calories. Yesterday, I was at about 600 calories again, and the hunger wasn't terrible except at bedtime. I skipped my fruit with my dinner so I'm wondering if I'm paying for it this morning. I had an apple for breakfast like always and just ate 2 strawberries because I needed something. I hate the taste of tea so water is all I drink throughout the day. I have 4 kids (3 of whom are 3 and under) so I can't risk passing out or having super low energy or my house will get destroyed! Do you think I should be lowering my dose or did I just screw myself up because I skipped my fruit last night?

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    Good afternoon,

    I have a few questions. Has anyone done the HCG diet while nursing? My son is 20 months old and really only nurses for comfort. If he wakes up at night or if he hurts himself or right when I walk in the door for bonding, but not for his daily nutritional needs. (Granted he still gets some lol)
    Also, is there any legitimate website online that I can order HCG from so that I can mix my own drops? I really wanted to start this month but was not sure about the above two questions. I have done HCG before and I know it works but it was from someone that I no longer have contact with and I was single without children lol

    Thanks in advance!
    Be blessed,

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    Can you please help me? I am on p2r1d15 and my hunger is off the charts. I am taking .5 ml (mixed with 15ml saline) of RX HCG drops sublingually twice a day at exactly 12 hours. I have tested the drops several times and it always gives a positive on the prego test. I tried dropping the dose down to .4 and increasing to .55 (I guess that is what you would call it... half way between the .5 and .6. LOL ) I drink 16 cups of water a day and eat my 500 calories but my stomach is growling and actually hurts.
    Please, any suggestions would be wonderful!!

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    I am in the same situation as many of you--starving. I’m doing the RX HCG drops twice a day, a little less than 12 hours due to obligations. I’ve done this 2 other times with premixed HCG drops and NEVER have had this problem. I’ve posted this concern under the “mixing” forum but since you’re all in the same boat, I thought maybe this may be the place someone will offer help. I followed the 7cc and 2cc of wound wash into the 5000iu of HCG and I have been taking .3cc (as recommended by a moderator on here msogdance-I think thats the user name). I’m irritable and very tired also. I drink 50-60oz of water a day also, but find myself needing something during the day to stave off this fatigue. I am on day 3 VLCD and lost 4lbs. I need to lose about 15 so this is going quick (unless I stall) but I’m not sure I can keep doing this if I feel this miserable. Disappointed cause I thought this would make me feel less hungry being RX and mixed. Maybe I was thinking wrong. ANY help or suggestions would be welcome--ASAP!

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    I am in my third round of HCG and am doing great. Down almost 15 pounds in 12 days. I was recently diagnosed as having hashimoto's but the endo said I didn't need to take any medication because my levels were fine. Also I asked him about going gluten free and he said that wasn't necessary. I am not eating the melba toast this round and I know in between rounds, food like bread and pasta would cause me to gain. I really don't want to be gluten free but do you think I should? I gained back 25 pounds between my second and third round and do not want that to happen again. thanks!

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