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Thread: Please post QUESTIONS here- we will try to answer asap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBird3 View Post
    I'm feeling heart broken over this...I've been on the injections for two weeks now. The first week I only lost .5 lbs....so they upped my dosage to 200 ....I have been losing 1/2 -1 lb a day most days; however today I have shot up 5 lbs in one day! I have been really constipated ...and nothing has worked...I even resorted to an enema, in which (sorry for the TMI) only a few pebbles were released. Today I tried a salt water flush, since that always works for me....I waited over five hours and nothing was released, my mom suggested some strong coffee...hours later nothing.... So I'm feeling pretty awful with all this salt water and coffee stuck in me and being absorbed... so I administered a laxative....that seemed to release A LOT of what was stuck in there... I weighed myself afterwards and had gained five pounds today. I'm freaked out because I had soooo much trouble with losing weight the first week, I'd hate to have lost ANOTHER week. I have an appointment tomorrow and I'm so nervous that I'll have lost all my progress by then. ...any help is appreciated.

    Starting weight: 172.5
    W1: 172
    w2: 167(was)

    Just began treatment for T3 deficiency (cytomel), am on progesterone and a supplement to lower my cortisol levels which were reversed and all over the place. DHEA 4x what is considered in range for my age.
    I'm being treated for the same thing, but was unable to take the cytomel. I asked to be switched to the natural thyroid replacement, Armour. It is working much better and I feel much better on it. Ask your doctor about that change, it made a world of difference to me...
    This time it's gonna be different! See how I'm doing at www.LessMeBlog.com. Leave me a comment, I need all the support I can get.

    Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

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    Round 1, Phase 3, DIY HCG homeopathic drops

    Steak Day was a Failure!

    My husband and I are 8 days into Phase 3 after our first round of HCG. Immediately after starting Phase 3, we both started gaining weight, my husband worse than I.

    Yesterday, I was 0.8 pounds over my last HCG day weight, and Bill was 2.2 pounds over.

    Yesterday, we did a steak day. I know I did not need to, but he would not have done it if he had to do it alone. Nothing to eat but water, tea sweetened with Stevia for me, and black coffee for him and then we each had a 12 oz. steak followed by a tomato for dinner, then no food after that for the rest of the day.

    This morning, I am down 1.4 pounds and my husband GAINED 1.2 pounds!

    Please do not ask if we cheated. We were together all day and neither of us cheated!

    Bill has been so miserable throughout this whole process, and now this. What in the world is going on? Has this happened to anyone else? I read somewhere else here on the forum to do a Full Fat Fage day instead of a steak day. Should he try this next?

    By the way, he only lost 7.6 pounds during the round, so that means he has now gained back HALF of what he lost. Not good!

    Please visit my blog here: My Low Carb Road to Better Health - Tracking my hCG Diet results through stats, menus, charts and photos

    2/22/09 Highest lifetime weight 158.0
    4/22/11 hCG starting weight 148.6
    4/24/11 After loading 154.2
    5/27/11 After round 1 - 138.2
    Goal 132

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    Round 1/Phase 2/Sublingual (Official HCG Diet Plan)

    My in-laws, who are in stabilization, swear by Food For Life Bread, especially Ezekiel Bread and say that the clinic they went to for HCG said it was okay to eat, as it is considered a vegetable and a protein and not starch. Is this true? I just entered stabilization and didn't want to jeopardize my progress.

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    2 questions:

    1) I read that every 7th day you do not take the HCG at all. Is that true?

    2) In between rounds of doing the HCG diet I also read that you have to wait 6 weeks, then 8 weeks and so on. Do you have to wait that long?



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    R1P1, homeopathic pellets

    5 day stall

    My poor husband has been on a 5 day stall now. He doesn't really want to do a steak day because of how physical his job is - he's worried he'll have major issues. (he won't do an apple day because that's a fruit that absolutely despises, actually all the fruits are! Lol) Is there any other way he can break this plateu? Were only on day 11, so it's too soon to switch to P3!

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    mgsondance~~~ The shirataki noodles i have are 0 on everything except carb and fiber. Then they are a wash, 3 on each. So are they ok?
    The ingredients are: Konjac glucomannan fiber And food grade calcium hydroxide.
    Much appreciation!!!

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    ok i have one more crazy question, is a water-based, water-soluble lubricant ok?
    The ingredients are: purified water, Glycerin, propylene glycol, polquaternium15, methylparaben, propyparaben.?????
    Thank you..

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    Can someone please help me! I am here with my Mixed HCG and needle but I don't know what 125cc on this needle is? It says 100units on it. I purchased 5000 powder form of hcg and followed the great instruction on the mixing forum but for the life of me, I don't understand where 125 is?
    thank you,

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    R1P2 RX drops

    Dose off?

    Today is day 3 on vlcd. I'm not sure if I'm hungry or what, but I can't stop thinking about food. It seems absurd to not recognize hunger, but I'm truly not sure. My hubby says he has no hunger, and food never even crosses his mind. He's only eating bc he has to. He's doing shots and I'm doing drops. My drops equal 200 iu for the day. I take them twice a day and I hold the solution under my tongue for 15 mins each time.

    Today I feel like do-do. Really dragging. People around me asked what's wrong because I wasn't my normal peppy self. Hubby on the other hand says he feels great and is bouncing around like a 4 yr old.

    Any ideas??

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi there, should I take something to help start my period? I have not had it in 6 weeks. I ended the HCG diet 4 plus weeks ago .

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    I'm sooo hungry! I've R1VLCD26 and have been really hungry for the past few days. Not cravings; hungry. I'm taking the homeopathic drops. I do 10 in the morning, 6 mid-morning, 6 mid-afternoon and then 10 at night. When I feel hungry, I try and snack on protocol foods, but it doesn't last long at all. Please HELP!
    R1: April 2011 Lost 20 lbs
    R2: Started August 13th...here we go again!!

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    Ok now I'm scared. Just read if your hungry your dosage might be off?? Im on day 5 of vlcd and I'm still hungry all the time!! I take .5ml first in am and right before bed. Im 31 5'9" and right now 170.6 started at 180.4. Drinking tons of water all the time tea and coffee and being very good on my cal intake. What am i doing wrong?
    Morgan Macauley

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