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Thread: Poll: Liver Problems (or Other Side Effects) From Hcg?

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    Here's the way I see it...

    The two tests that we normally test for which are ALT and AST are enzymes which normally reside within Liver Cells and are released by Damaged Liver Cells. So since there are billions of Liver Cells and since some Liver Cells are always in the process of dying. We always normally see some of these enzymes in the blood. So obviously we can't measure one liver cell dying out of billions. Just because some liver cells have died and been replaced by fatty tissue doesn't mean that cells are actively dying at this point. The enzymes represent active cells that are actively being damaged or dying not cells that have died in the past. So you can have Fatty Livers and normal Liver Function Tests, because the damage was done in the past. For example as you know Cardiac Enzymes are released during a Heart Attack and then are totally normal weeks or months later even though the Heart was seriously damaged.

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    Can't believe after all I just typed I spelled my name wrong :>)
    But I am exhausted and off to bed.


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    Mary, I really think we are saying the same thing, just in different ways. Just as liver and cardiac enzyme tests only show damage as it is occuring...the end results that matter are the functionality of the liver or the heart. These can be measured with more sophisticated tests, but still most of the damage doesnt show because of the redundancy in both organs. Probably the most diagnostic test for the liver is a core biopsy....dont think many hcgers are gonna want to opt for that.

    But, I am sensitive to the fact that folks dont want us straying off thread topics, so I will redirect the thread back to answers from those who have developed liver problems while on hcg. My apologies for straying.
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    i had abnormal liver enzyme levels for a few years. after 3 rounds of hcg and a loss of 70#, those tests are now normal. sure seems it couldn't be doing too much damage to my liver, given that!
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    I agree with not straying off the subject but I am also very interested in the very rare possibility that taking HCG could cause Liver Damage. It seems to me that HCG itself causing Liver Damage would be unlikely since Hcg levels in Pregnant women hundreds of times are higher than the levels we are injecting.

    Margie we don't know why your Liver Functions tests were abnormal but Obesity in itself can cause abnormal Liver tests. How fabulous that you are down 70 # and going down more.

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    I think we would have heard of hcg causing liver problems by now. The protocol has been around since the 50s! And like Margie said, we take a TEENSY amount. I'm not at all worried about it.
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    The great thing about your liver is that if you give it a bit of love, it will thank you profusely! MilkThistle from the health food store, and the very best one, a half a lemon squeezed into hot water first thing in the morning are both great for your liver.

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    Barb. This may be off topic but it's really interesting! In fact, we should have a "general health" thread, where these things can be discussed. We're very lucky to have 2 health professionals amongst our groups, who can give us information of this sort, so I'm going to start one. I want to know how many people here have or had underlying health problems before starting on the HCG. To be honest, I'm fascinated just how many of my fellow forum members have health problems other than being overweight.

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    I will swing you back to topic and answer your question at the same time! My son (39) introduced me to hCG, has been diagnosed with non-alcoholic liver syndrome a few years back (detected by the testing done as he donated blood). He did a 23 day hcg protocol with no problem at all, no change in his liver studies (good or bad) . He DID have issues with his gout but that was addressed all over again after the hCG protocol.

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    On the liver subject. I have always had to take lots of pain meds from childhood (1950's) untill 1997. Because of this my doc always checked my liver and kidney function, I guess these are the first to go. Because pain meds or any meds are toxins for our body, the kidney and liver are the organs that clean our systems from the toxins. In 1996 my doc told me my liver was showing signs of stress from all the years of 'cleaning' my system. Well long story short I got off the meds and returned a year later and was tested again. The liver and kidney were back in the normal range. My doc told me our bodies can recover quickly and heal after stopping toxins. (ex. smoking, drinking, meds, etc). Not sure how our bodies are 'looking' at the HCG in our bodies, but worse case senorio after we stop the HCG, we would bounce back fairly quickly to normal I fee,l cuz we are eating much healthier. I am just a lay person with no medical background, and only coming from personal history, so please take with 'a grain of salt'. p.s. this is one reason I went Homeopathic.

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