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Thread: Poop

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    Well I remember moving the other day...maybe Thursday or Friday...but its so minimal...AND maybe it is because I am eating "purer" now. BUT I am on P3 now adding in more regular foods so I figured something has to give.

    I too don't feel packed or anything like that. I am not even feeling constipated or uncomfortable. I on the norm don't have regular BM's so I tended not to worry. BUT when I started having them regular ones in the first part of P2 and then they just stopped, I got worried.

    I just went and bought some Smooth Move on my lunch break and cannot wait to drink it tonight. I hope its not nasty LOL otherwise I am dropping some Stevia in it.

    I am praying that this will also help me on the scales! I almost decided to buy some colon cleanser in the Vitamin Shoppe today but didn't know how that would affect P3. So I'll wait on that and do it before I start my other round after P4.

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    I bet this will help with your losses for sure - once the problem has been eliminated
    Owl righty then!

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    I have the opposite problem, I have had diarrhea for the past 3 days!

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    ugh i've always had issues with going poop (usually about every 4 days) but on this diet i only go once a week and thats only if i use the smooth move tea. and the smooth move tea always causes me to have diarrhea

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    I've used magnesium citrate (Natural Calm) on a regular basis, and Smooth Move in dire straits, until Saturday when I started using OxyPowder. It's a 7-day cleanse, and so far it's doing exactly what it said it would do... I'd encourage people to check out the website, but if you decide to purchase--get it from Amazon, it's much cheaper.


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    smooth move tea works every time for me, never had an issue but if i dont drink it a couple times a week i can't poop lol. my clinic says you HAVE to poop and when i finally do after smooth move i lose 1 to 2 lbs

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    But be careful with the smooth move tea, don't drink it too often. It really tore up my stomach.

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    Well I just had my first cup. Not too bad a taste at all. I PRAY it helps me move. Maybe that is why my weight stalled for over a week in P2 and didn't drop much after i broke the stall. I haven't, as the poster said "pooped". I pray it gives me the runs LOL. I am in P3 and maybe my weight will adjust. I am thinking my actual LIW would have been less if I had gotten rid of this waste. Maybe that is why I notice the inches and not the pounds LOL

    I am going to check out oxypowder. Do you think its carried in the Vitamin Shoppe?

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    Smooth move works well for me too. I really don't need it very often. I used the chocolate one. Sounds 'gross' but it is pretty good. Usually, apples and coffee works for me.

    Also the 'triple tea' concoction works too. Doesn't seem to be quite as harsh either.
    Can't wait to see how everything 'comes out' for you mpruitte.LOL I can't even imagine not 'going' for 2 wks.

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    I have to second what was said earlier about Smooth Move and Senna. It may make you move initially, but the more often you use it, the more often you will need it. The reason is that is has that stimulant action on the bowel muscles initially, but then it also has a secondary 'astringent' action (Which means it makes everything tighten up again) which will re-constipate you. I had to stop using it because I was needing more and more cups a day to get a result.

    If you can find something with buckthorn and cascara sagrada in them instead, neither of those items has the reconstipating effect that senna does. (There is at least one colon cleanse product that I know of that has both buckthorn and cascara sagrada and just the tiniest hint of senna that seems to work really well without the senna being a problem.)

    Apples do also work if you eat several. The last apple day I had took care of the 'poop' problem for about a week afterwards. On P3, I've also found having huge green salads at both lunch and dinner seems to help a lot.

    Another thing to try.. good quality probiotics with all three meals.

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    Oh my gosh! This is a miracle that this thread was started. Thank you thank you thank you! I have had the WORST problem with constipation over the last week. I went 10 days without going. My stomach was getting bloated, sharp pains in my lower abdomen and I felt like I really needed to go but couldn't. I took oral Biscodyl, Bisacodyl suppositories (2 in one day) NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!!, Mag Citrate, Mineral Oil enema, glyceryn enema, sodium enema, hot coffee, you name it, I tried it. I had no results, that's right, NO RESULTS!!!!!! Well, I did have quite a bit of stomach cramping, running to the toilet for false alarms and a very very sore bottom. Too much information???? What I have finally realized is that with the limited intake, I think my body is using up just about everything I am putting in. I finally "went" yesterday, just a small amount but it was soft and "normal" and not like bunny poop. I am going to try not to worry so much about this and hope that all is normal for me in this diet.

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