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Thread: Post Tummy Tuck and HCG

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    Post Tummy Tuck and HCG

    I've gained some weight back and have had issues keeping weight off since my Tummy tuck in May and figured I would do my second round of HCG( I did one last year and lost 34 lbs) I lost 30 lbs on my own before my first round and 5 after. I guess my question would be with the fact that the weight loss is so quick would there be a lot of loose skin to develop in my stomach area again. He said I could safely lose another 10 lbs or more and be fine. I do know that this will not pull exactly from my stomach. My thighs hips and but is well not lacking in the fat department. I am just kinda worried about ruining my results. Has anyone been in this situation or have any suggestions.

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    No one can predict for sure. A lot depends on how much you have gained since your surgery. Generally, after a tuck procedure, you gain everywhere else but not so much where the tuck was because the fat cells are removed. If your Doc says 10 lbs is safe, start with that and see, then decide if you want to move forward with more.
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    Hi there!

    I can ask my doctor friend. He does lip and the hcg diet (and he has personally done both!) I can ask him if you like?

    Texted him and got this response;

    "10 pounds won't make a difference in the tummy tuck results. 30 maybe but not 10. "

    Hope that helps!

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    I would totally consider a tummy tuck if it weren't for the long recovery time! I just know I'm the type of person to get discouraged and gain weight while I'm recovering. Sigh. Thankfully I don't have a whole lot of excess skin on my belly- but enough that you'll never see me strutting my stuff in a bikini again! But would be fun to see it all smooth down there like it was when I was 14 (oh those were the days).


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