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Thread: Pregnancy Tests on HCG?

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    Pregnancy Tests on HCG?

    Hi guys!! So I'm on the hcg diet but take a very lose dose of 110iu/day... my LMP was 7/9 and my cycles are around 35 days apart. I'm exactly 2 weeks late today, and I took a faint pregnancy test 2 days ago which was a faint positive line, and got blood work done that day and my level was only 13H. I've skipped my hcg doses since then, and today took another HPT (home pregnancy test) and it's obviously way darker!! I'm hoping this means my numbers are rising! With my first child I tested positive on the later side. The fact that it was that faint when I had just had my dose, then skipped it and now today it's darker is a huge good sign to me but I'm trying not to get my hopes up!!! Do you guys have any experiences on this? I'm thinking I should stop my diet but I'm not sure!!
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    I can't get more blood work done til Monday

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    HCG only stays in your body for 3 days, so it sounds to me like you might be getting some happy news on Monday.

    Also you need to transition to P3. You can't do the low calorie diet safely unless you are dosing. And especially if there is possibility that you are pregnant.

    If it turns out you are not pregnant, then you can treat this break as a planned interruption and jump right back into P2 after you have done 4 days or more of P3. Its too early in your round for an official PI, but that will give you the best chance of resuming your round successfully.
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    In every single case I've seen here on the forum (and it's not uncommon, strangely enough) when the pregnancy test gets darker, the woman has been pregnant. Since you've skipped and your hcg level was low on the first one, it should have dropped to undetectable levels but it's gotten darker. A very good sign! Keep us posted! Good luck!
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