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Thread: Can Pregnyl be given SQ?

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    I have started on phase two, and am using Pregnyl intramuscular (IM), as per the instructions on the bottles. However, my legs are getting really sore, and I was wondering if I would get the same results if given sub-Q? Is anyone even doing IM injections anymore? I was just looking to buy more HCG from this website and it looks like all the packages come with sub-Q syringes and not IM's. Please let me know!! Thanks

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    Hi this is Bob from When Health Matters.

    We do the SQ with the Hucog brand of Pregnyl hCG and have lost over 113 lbs doing it the SQ way.

    But the dose is differant than IM. SQW you should be between 150 and 200 ius daily.

    We have found that 200iu max is what I would and have done.


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    Hi Bob- thanks so much for the response!! However, I am using Pregnyl uni, not Hucog. Is uni still ok to use SQ?

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    Yes, uni, Hucog etc is just the manufactures name of the same product. It is all pharmisuital grade hCG. If it can be used IM, it can be used SQ, just a slightly differant dose.



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