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Thread: Question about the increased dosage protocol

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    Question Question about the increased dosage protocol

    Hi everyone!

    I'm on my first load day for Round 2 of the HCG diet and I had a few questions. The first time out, I went through a local clinic and did the Relena sublingual drops, where I believe they had me on .25ml twice (x2) daily. However, this time around I am buying it on my own and I wanted to try out the "new study" protocol with the increased doses.

    I bought 10000 I.U. of the HCG premixed in the 1ml container. I mixed that in with 19ml of saline solution (wound wash) into a sterile bottle. That should last 20 days by my understanding. However, I want to make sure I'm doing the 250 I.U. dosing...does that mean I take .5ml twice daily? Or do I need to be taking 1ml twice daily? I'm terrified I mixed it wrong or I'm not taking enough and I'm loading without any of the HCG effects. I've never done the premix - at the clinic I had the powder which I dumped into a vial that seemed to have CONSIDERABLY less liquid.

    20ml seems like so much liquid, but that's what I was told to mix for the new study protocol.

    Would somebody please confirm for me in ml (as I have no idea really what I.U. is, heh) what I should be taking for each daily dose? IS it .25 twice a day, .5 twice a day, or more?

    Any help is appreciated!



    P.S. - It's so hard to load!!! Ungh...

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    You are to take .5ml twice a day and this gives you 250iu per dose for a total of 500iu per day. You are fine!

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