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Thread: R2 Loading Not Enough? Need Advice Quick! Thanks!

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    I started loading on monday around noon. Loaded on Tue and then started the 500 cal days on wed. Well I am starving! My blood sugar is through the floor this morning to the point my hands and feet even hurt so bad I can't sleep.

    I know it wasn't like this when I did my first round. I think I did a better loading that time though. I know I did a full 2 days of loading that time and I think I ate a lot more. This time I thought I was eating enough but I also couldn't get past feeling like I was putting on weight that was going to be that much more to lose.

    So it has been 1 day of 500 calories is all. Do you think I should reload again today and tomorrow? I think I should.

    What is the best stuff to eat during loading? Fatty stuff like lots of bacon, chips, and burgers or high sugar stuff like cake and donuts? Or both? Or just flat out a lot of whatever I can get my hands on?

    Last time I lost 21 pounds and gained back 10 due to 2 vacations and I had heck leaving the carbs alone!

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    Sako7STW...You will prob get the advice not to do another loading day...but I got the same feeling that I didn't load enough on my first vlcd, I was STARVING and CRANKY and thinking I wasn't going to stay on the diet, did lots of research on here, and everything pointed to the fact that I didn't load right, I had eaten too much carby, sweet stuff, not enough good fats, so I did a third day of loading, this time as much healthy fat as I could get in my body, I even took a dozen flax seed oil capsules, ate a block of cheese...etc and I was only hungry for the next day, but I don't think I took enough drops, upped my dose, and I've felt fantastic since, no hunger, great energy, and I'm down 10.2 lbs for the 3 vlcd I've done, so if I were you YES I would reload, but don't touch carbs..at all...eat only fat and protein (the carbs will really cause you to gain and set you back alot right now) you will prob have a small gain, but you should have no probs losing it after that...(i lost 5 lbs the very first vlcd...so have faith) and literally, eat the fat until you think you will vomit if you have one more bite....eat things like bacon and eggs, butter, cheese, sour cream (full fat) sausages (bake them in oven at 400 till done, eat with sour cream,delicious, no carbs, good fat) avocados, flax seed oil, olive oil seafood w butter etc...don't touch the sweets, breads, pasta, rice etc.

    People will tell you I'm wrong, but if you are STARVING then you prob ARE starving, and doing that to your body will make it hold onto the weight, not loose it. I'm sooooooooooo glad I did that extra day of loading, cause otherwise I can tell you I would have quit the diet...the hunger is NOT right...
    ONLY load for 1 day more though..not 2, and if you have some hunger the first vlcd after that...try upping your dose a little till you don't feel hungry, but stick in there through the hunger the first day, that is normal, but after that you should feel great!!! join our group if you want to, we are the "anybody starting this weekend 04/17/10"

    Hang in there!!!

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    Thanks for the advice. With this being my second round, I knew it wasn't right. I think where I went wrong was eating way to many carbs. So I am doing low carbs high fat today and see how I feel. I think I am also going to adjust my drops once on VLCD I need to.

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    are you feeling better? besides feeling SICK of food? hopefully it will help, i know it kind of goes against the grain, but let me know how you feel tomorrow and the next few days after that too...i hope you feel as good as i do...

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    How are you feeling today? I didn't see this til now, but I would have told you to reload as well. Many others would say to stick it out, but I know myself. I wouldn't stick with the diet.


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    another option is just to eat normally- it takes about 3 days for the hcg to reach a therapeutic dose, so i think on the first vlcd you're pretty much living off your loading fat.
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    What margie said



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