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Thread: readers digest lose 21 lbs in 21 days for phase 3?

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    readers digest lose 21 lbs in 21 days for phase 3?

    hi all
    i will be starting Phase 3 next week and just read in Readers Digest. this month about 21 day diet for weight loss the title was Lose 21 lbs in 21 days has anyone read this article if so do you think i can try it for Phase 3? it does have sugar and starches ( i think) so not sure if my body will reset dont want to gain weight back but looking for something with more variety the average womwn lost was anywhere 7lbs to like 15lbs any help or if you saw the article what do you think?
    thanx all have a great day!
    PS had some heart palpitations a few times on Phase 2

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    I wouldn't suggest it... P3/P4 is for locking your hypothalamus down & getting your body reset.
    Dr.S didn't want folks to gain or lose during P3.

    If you're wanting to try that diet, I'd wait until after 3 weeks of P3 & another 3 weeks of P4, to let the hCG Protocol do it's thing.

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    Ditto Stacy.

    P3 IS being on a diet, just a different stage of it. Adding in another diet plan would just confuse the lines and make your body all confused. We have spent all this time trying to unconfuse it!
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    thanx stacy and BadKitty i appreciate your advise and will stick with protocol


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