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Thread: Reliablerxpharmacy seems to be cheaper - Any reason NOT to order from them?

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    Reliablerxpharmacy seems to be cheaper - Any reason NOT to order from them?

    It seems to be significantly cheaper to order the HCG from Reliablerxpharmacy and then the kit from Missouri medical.

    Is there any reason not to order from them? Any negative experiences?

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    Nope. Lots of people have ordered from them. Happy losing!
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    I always order from them they are g2g....

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    On this pharmacy you reccommend (reliablerxpharmacy) I don't have a dr. prescription. Will they deny me if I don't?

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    Also how long does it take to get the hcg? from reliablerxpharmacy.com?

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    It looks like reliablerxpharmacy now requires a prescription to be faxed or uploaded. Bummer. I used them in 2012 but I guess a lot has changed since then. I had figured I could get 3 rounds for about 120 total with all the supplies plus I could get some generic latisse while I was at it.
    Every day I feel less free. I miss ephedra and phen/fen. It's a conspiracy to keep us fat. I just want to make my own decisions about what I do with my body.


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