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Thread: Rough Couple of Days....

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    Aren't friends and family great when it comes to change????? = )

    This is what I have found works for those skeptical, kiljoy people in my life: "I am on a very strict yeast cleanse"

    That's it, that's all I say. And you know what? People accept that!! I think it's because people are okay with something being "wrong" with me. I can't have sugar or starches. I have to restrict what I put on my skin and put in my mouth. And low and behold, they embrace that and don't say another word! A perfect side affect to this "cleanse" is wonderful weight loss! And you know what?? They accept that too!!

    So, they understand why I'm weak (I'm detoxing yeast and a whole lot of other crap from my system), they understand why I am careful with my food (a yeast cleanse takes time and control), they understand why I'm losing weight (yeast can make you bloated and heavy and crave food).

    Even my co-worker who offered me mixed nuts the other day gave me a great excuse, "Oh, I can't . . . nuts have molds and fungus"
    She, who often sabotages my efforts, understood! Imagine that!

    So . . . just be on a "cleanse" and leave it at that.

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    Also, remember, you're really doing this for YOU. Focus on you and the results you want. Me, I'd probably say, "I am working on myself and improving my health, if you don't have anything positive to say, please don't say anything at all." This diet is hard enough without all these people bringing you down. Hey, remember when you feel down, come online. We're here and we totally get it and support you!!!!!!


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    I hear you some people do not even want to understand the diet, they love judging and criticizing without even trying to understand how the diet works, if only they could read pounds & inches first, I have run into these type of people as well who SWEAR they are right and whatever we are doing is WRONG all they have to do is hear about the 500 calorie intake per day and then they will SWEAR by everything they know it's not a good thing regardless of what other doctors say. They have no idea about Dr. Simeon's protocol they only hear about the 500 calories a day and quickly judge it without knowing anything about what takes place while on HCG. A person is actually averaging a good 2,500 calories a day on the diet 2000 used in fat 500 intake in calories. But again people are SOLD that it's an evil diet and not healthy only damaging. What they don't realize is IT IS HEALTHY and it is saving your life because not only are you losing weight but you are losing stored up TOXINS that are being released in the fat cells that can over time higher your risk at disease. You are detoxifying/cleansing your body on this diet as well as losing weight and your blood pressure and heart is only getting better in the process. Being obese is unhealthy and you lower your risk as we all know for heart disease and many other illness's/disease's by losing weight and staying in shape so this is THE BEST THING you could ever be doing to yourself especially if it's working and you are losing weight.

    DO IT FOR YOURSELF and TO HELL With what anyone else thinks.



    Your headed in the right direction, your losing weight, your feeling better and
    MAYBE they are simply Envious or Jealous who knows. Some people feel more secure
    with themselves being around over weight people, honestly some people like to feel
    thinner then their friends and if your losing weight and looking better and better maybe
    it's an insecurity they have and they feel like as soon as your down to your goal weight they
    will not fit in as your friend anymore and suddenly you will be looked at as the thinnest or most
    beautiful of the bunch, or you will leave them. -) OK maybe I am just brainstorming possibilities here
    but I have seen that kind of thing happen with friends. Some people choose friends not as good looking or
    in shape as them for a reason so they can be the best looking, thinnest and the one all their friends wish they
    looked like. They love the power and attention trip...


    Ok maybe that's over board a little bit. hahahha

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    Thank you ALL for your words of support - it was SO nice to read them all day long and be reminded how happy I am to be doing this. You guys really pulled me out of my funk. MANY Many Thanks!!!

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    Jesicanoel, thank you for sharing..I ditto everything said. LOVE THE YEAST LINE!

    AT the core each of us is becoming a new person on the outside.To get to this place where we can accept this new healthier, more beautiful [ in the world's eye's ] exterior, we have changed already our idea of ourselves.

    For me, it is no longer what is said to me but rather do I accept it. A very very dear and loving being[ 77], said I will go be fine at 140 [ which is 20-25 pounds more than my goal].I had to stop her from even putting that idea out to the universe... I stated that I do not have to stop at 140 or accept that at 50 I can no longer have my slim body. I shared that she was working from some ideas that have really been are no longer valid.

    I am not accepting anything other than achieving my goal - big change for me.

    Great Thread....Great Group

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    OK. So we need to admit that we are all currently chrysalises waiting to shed our outer casings to reveal our new butterfly interiors. Think butterfly and to hell with the doubters!

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    I love the yeast cleanse line too!! I'm going to try that! I also tell people that I am eating healthy, cutting out all chemicals and MSG, eating organic, no high fructose corn syrup....all Kevin Trudeau stuff....It's all true, just not the whole truth. People's eyes usually glaze over when I mention cutting out chemicals and MSG, and then they change the subject. My hubby also reminds me daily "they are your co-workers, NOT your friends".
    I am a Registered Nurse and Moderator of the Hcg Diet Info forums. I am an expert on the Hcg Diet Plan and have over 10 years of experience as a weight loss coach.
    Medical Disclaimer

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    My husband was always trying to get me to eat something. He would try to temp with with just a bite of the berries on his ice cream or a bite of cantalope. Finally, I asked him why he wanted me to fail at this diet. He replied that he just wants me to be happy and he hates to see me deprived of the things that I love. I told him that I am willing to give up this stuff to get my weight off so that my back will feel better. He has not tried again to tempt me. He knows how much I have suffered with my back issues and is now willing to lay off.

    Now my mother on the other hand has been a trial also. My husband and I visit my 88 year old mother every Sunday. She loves to cook and always makes a treat for us. Knowing that I am losing weight, she made my favorite cake with my favorite 7 minute frosting. In fact, she put double the frosting on the cake, just how I like it. After I refused to eat it, she went on and on about how gooey it was and how much frosting was on it. I finally broke down and told her she is Satan. That shut her up. I hated to do it, but she would not let up.

    Jessica, As far as those so called friends say that you will just gain the weight back, be rebellous enough to prove them wrong. That would give me more of an incentive than anything else. I am kind of rebellous though.

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