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Thread: Wanted to do another round of HCG...where do you buy

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    Wanted to do another round of HCG...where do you buy

    I have done one round of HCG and got it at a local office. I paid $500.00 for a 43 day program. I want to do a short round but I don't know where to order it from and I don't really want to pay $300 for the shorter 3 week program. I did the shots with the first round. I want to make sure it is the real stuff. Any suggestions?

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    I order the kits from yourhcgdiet.com. YOu could order from overseas if you don't mind waiting weeks for it to get here.

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    thank you !!! Which kit do you order ???

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    I ordered from here too. Quick delivery, good product. I ordered the 40 day kit but if you want to do a short round, then the 23 would work fine. Everything came in one box - didn't have to do a thing. FYI - I followed the mixing directions on this site though and not the one that comes with the order. I too had done my first round through a naturopath, not quite as pricey as yours but pretty close.

    6/27/11 R3P2D1 vlcd 180.2 (after 6 day load: yikes!)
    D2 177.2 -3
    D3 176 -1.2
    D4 174.8 -1.2
    D5 175 +.2

    4/23/11 R2P2D1 vlcd 184.4
    (short hcg round- 1 week then no hcg and high fat/mod protein)
    5/30 start of wk 4 maintenance 172.5
    end of maintenance 172 -12.4

    1/5/11 D1 221.8 -38lbs (66 days)


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