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Thread: rounds beyond 6

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    I have just started round 7 (P2D4) and have gained .2 lbs the last two days (after dropping my loading days' weight). I made a mistake (by not carefully revisiting the protocol) and only waited about 12 weeks since round 6 (which apparently should've been closer to ~9 months). My question is: Will continuing the 23 day protocal do more harm to my metabolism (diencephalic equilibrium) than good at this point? I am taking 150 cc injections. And based on this thread, if I continue the protocal, I may experiment with skipping an injection day to determine if I should go down to 125 cc. Any experience, thoughts, help would be greatly appreciated.

    Another "Beyond Round 6" concern I have (that some of you might be able to shed light on for me): In round 6, I was unable to stabilize in P3. After a little research, I thought it might be because I was working out too hard. Apparently, if you're already a fit person and used to very vigorous exercise, you should wait until P4 to go all out. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? If I would've been able to stabilize in R6, I wouldn't have needed a R7. Thanks for any assistance you can lend!

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    Are you hungry at all? If not, your dose could still be too high, because wrong dose can cause poor losses, so especially since you've done multiple rounds, its very likely you may need a lower dose now.

    Additionally, the time between rounds is set at increasing levels in order to prevent immunity. It could be that starting your round 7 early may have triggered immunity. If that has happened you will stop losing on the diet. Dr. Simeons says onset of immunity is also accompanied by extreme hunger, but that is not always the case. Some people can be starving and not feel hunger, so just something to note.

    Do the skip day and then lower to 125iu. See if your losses pick up after that. If not, stay on the dose for 4 days, skip then drop again to 100iu. That may help you get past immunity issues so that you can keep losing and finish the round.
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