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Thread: Has anyone had Silk AlmondMilk?

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    Has anyone had Silk AlmondMilk?

    If so, is it any good? I am not a big milk drinker but this sounded good. Any thoughts?

    (not suggesting for p2 and maybe not even in P3) - just asking

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    I didn't like it, but then, I'm a regular milk fan I've tried rice and soy milk too--neither one did much for me, though I'd drink them in a pinch.
    Goat's milk is really good for you, if you found a reliable source for it. Leaner than cow, more digestible, and higher in good vitamins and amino acids.

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    Before the diet, I had some dark chocolate almond milk. It was very good. It had more calcium than regular milk, and less fat. My grandkids liked it too.
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    mm yes i loved it! i don't drink it now of course but i prefer almond milk over milk and i really enjoyed the silk brand, it seemed a little thicker than almond breeze. they probably had to put some sort of additive in it to get it that way though. also watch out and get the non flavored kinds, there is sugar added.

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    Thanks guys! I think when I get to the point of having a somewhat normal diet, I might give it a try. I literally HATE whole milk and thought this looked good in the commercials (good job marketing guys ) I wondered if I could use this to make a protein shake or fruit smoothie of sorts (in the long run - not tomorrow).

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    That is what I use.I buy the unsweetened one. I think it tastes really good. Not a fan of milk.

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    I love almond milk! I get the unsweetened kind because the regular is a little overly sweet for me. I can't do regular dairy or soy milk, and I don't care for rice milk, so almond is my "dairy" of choice.
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    I used to use the vanilla unsweetened Almond Breeze for nearly all my milky needs. Om nom nom.
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    I LOVE it, I used to drink 2%, when I found Almond Silk that was the only milk I would drink. The only con I could find was not to use it in sweetened cereal, yuck!
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    I also use the unsweetened Silk Almond Milk....mostly for smoothies and with my cereal, but I never drank just a cup of it. I like 2% Milk just to drink it, but the Almond Milk has way less calories!!

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