I'm currently on R1P2D3. I had a cold last week before loading and I felt well enough to start the diet. I usually take vitamin A (fish oil or beta carotene, whichever I have available) and olive leaf capsules when I'm sick but I stopped thinking I had kicked the cold. Well, it's now trying to turn into a sinus infection!

Here's the ingredient list for the olive leaf capsules:
Olive leaf 400mg
Rice flour
May contain Magnesium stearate and silica

Here's the ingredient list for the beta carotene soft gels:
Vitamin A USP 10,000 IU
Soy lecithin
Yellow beeswax
Purified water
Soybean oil

I can guess that I shouldn't be taking the beta carotene but what about the olive leaf extract? Any other suggestions? I don't want to use antibiotics. These usually help me get rid of the start of a sinus infection after taking them for 3 days. Help please!