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Thread: The New Site Is Ready

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    I also typed in http://4hcgsuccess.com without the www part and it worked


    restart 6/30/12
    2 load days
    restart 7/2
    w/load 188.2
    P3 17 days 172
    p2 172 load
    p2 171.4 load
    p2 D1 171.6
    p2 D2 170.6
    p2 D3 169.4
    p2 D4
    p2 D5
    after 79 days Releana
    last drop weight 165.8
    started p3 on Wed 9/21 17 days
    restart p2 VLCD Wed 10/10/12

    Total released 22.4 lbs
    Total inches 26.25

    goal 140 lbs
    swimming down stream!

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    lmbo -- please let me know as much as you can about the system you are running on, what browser you are using (including version number) and how you're accessing the internet (are you with a smaller ISP that many not be good at keeping the DNS settings up to date?) You can email me at denise at radiantconsultinginc dot com.

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    R4 P4 subq injections. Thinking about starting R5 soon.
    Scott... For IE the compable mode button is under tools on the right side of the screen, depending on whose tool bar you are using....but it should be a sub tab under tools. Using that makes the remember me feature work...hope this helps some.

    I am a Registered Nurse and Moderator of the Hcg Diet Info forums. I am an expert on the Hcg Diet Plan and have over 10 years of experience as a weight loss coach.
    Medical Disclaimer

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    Scott or Thin_Again. Can either of you tell me if there is a way to Un-register for a site? I signed up for the other forum last week thinking it was our new forum. No biggie. Thought I would bounce back between the two sites but I'm very "turned off" by the constant promotion of the other site and a few comments and really don't want to be associated with it anymore. I private messaged the administrator (not trying to start any trouble by starting a new topic out of it), just want to quietly exit....but is there a way to do this that is common for most forums? I appreciate any help you can give me.

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    @baslafdal -- You should have the ability to edit your profile. Within that area, IF the administrator has enabled it, you would have the ability to delete your profile.

    This is in place on www.4hcgsuccess.com. I have no way of knowing whether the owner of the other site has made this available to you or not.

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    I will figure it out somehow. I am an IT Geek/technical architect. I code and build software all day long. Thanks for the help though...

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    @triunf - http://www.4hcgsuccess.com

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    Ok I got on the new site!!! The problem is that I can't get on the site at work = (
    This new site is great!!

    Does anyone know how to get on the site at work (is there a firewall up on my work computer b/c I can get on every other site...and I can get on this site at work)???

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    I don't love the new site! It is not computer illiterate friendly!!

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    Don't know why this thread was sunk.

    The new site definitely takes some getting used to, but it is more logical. ksmitty, just ask on one of the boards and someone will help you. There are more buttons and stuff, but it's pretty straight forward.

    zcg, bummer, i will post your question at the new site.

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