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Thread: Skip Day Question!

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    Skip Day Question!

    I am doing a skip day today since I have been extremely hungry every day since my start. Once I figure out this dosing issue do I do my original skip day which is Sunday or do I just go ahead and inject this day. For those who have any advice for extreme hunger this is my info:
    5,000iu Hucog
    I am on 175 dose. My first VLCD was on Wednesday, March 3. I was pretty good last evening until about 8:00 and then I was so hungry I felt sick. The hunger kept me up last night and had trouble sleeping. This morning I feel the same way. Will keep tabs on it throughout the day and then adjust dose according to your suggestions. I did lose 2.5 pounds this morning so that keeps me going. Thanks for the help ladies. It is almost my lunch time and I am starving. I have had in and outs of huge hunger all morning. Does this mean I need to up my dose? HELP!

    LIW: 160.8
    Back from doing the "Sugar-Free" Protocol (epic failure)
    Holiday big time cheats=Bad, Bad, Bad
    VLCD25: Getting my head in the game-164.1

    Started last year @ 197lbs. I lost 21lbs. on my own cutting out dairy, wheat, soy, casein, and sugar!

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    Extreme hunger generally means your dose is too high. Also, since you are only on your 3rd VLCD you should be aware that there can be hunger throughout the first week as you body adjusts (especially if you were not eat low carb before begining HCG).

    What I would do:
    Lower your dose to 150IU (some people have trouble with Hucog and like thier doses lower), then early next week see how your hunger is. If your hunger is still terrible, then do a skip day. If you hunger lessens throughout the skip day, your dose is too high. If your hunger increases, then your dose is too low. Adjust by 25IU as necessary.



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