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Thread: VERY SLOW weight loss :( HELP!

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    VERY SLOW weight loss :( HELP!

    I started the hCG diet this week and i was SUPER excited to start losing weight! But my results have been small and very unmotivating. This is how the week has been going:

    Loading - 4/18: 197 lbs
    Loading - 4/19: 197.4
    Day One- 4/20: 198
    Day Two- 4/21: 195.6
    Day Three-4/22: 195.2
    Day Four-4/23: 193.6

    I have been following the diet to the T. I take .5 - 3x a day. Can anyone please help me? i feel so sad and don't want to keep up with the diet if i don't lose weight! the first week you are supposed to lose the most...then it slows down. and i have been just SLOW the whole time

    i'm 5'4" - i don't use lotion, my makeup is a powder. I drink water or yerba mate.

    my routine looks like this:

    take Drops
    snack - fruit
    lunch- chicken & cabbage
    snack- fruit
    dinner - tuna & tomato

    I eliminated melba toast the first days i did eat it but then stopped, thinking it triggered my slow weight loss. I only have chicken, tuna or shrimp. I'm just so lost lol help!

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    Your losses are great so far! It's only 4 days and you are averaging almost a pound a day. That is awesome!
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    weight loss

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    riley is right! Great losses for 3 days of dieting!
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    Thanks I guess i'm being a debbie downer. I just wanted to know if i'm doing things alright. Your comment means the world to me ! <3

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    Your losses are awesome!!!

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    You loses are awesome! Women we average 0.5-0.75 pounds a day! You are well above that. If you fret about the little things this diet is going to be mentally exhausting for you. Good luck

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    I agree with pp. Your losses are great.
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    Most people with big losses the first week have huge gains on loading. You didn't gain much at all. So what you are losing is real weight, not load weight. Your doing great. It took me until VLCD4 just to get my load weight off.

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    I too have been "bummed out" about my first week weightloss. I read all these fantastic results for the first week and then a slow down. I am still hanging in there though.
    female age 55
    starting weight 205.4
    I am on day 8 ( including load days) and my weight is 199.4 ( same as yesterday)
    I am on prescription injections but I feel like my body whants to "hold on" to the fat. I am trying not to get discouraged. I keep hoping I will wake up one day and be 5 more pounds lighter

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    Hello. I a getting very disappointed. I am on day 11 and have lost only 5 lbs. I go to the dr 5 days a week for injections. He also gives me vitamin B12 shots. Unfortunately I have had a sinus infection and now started antibiotics. Since I am sick is that slowing my weight loss? How about antibiotics? I had such high hopes for this. What's happening. I could have lost more on weight watchers.

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