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Thread: Soaking Cucumbers in Distilled White Vinegar

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    Is it ok to soak cucumbers in distilled white vinegar?...I just like them a whole lot better that way....And, Also I saw a an hcg diet recipe that calls for extra lean ground turkey...It was for a cauliflower soup...Is extra lean ground turkey really ok on p2?...It would be nice....I got the recipe off the Liquid HCG diet Recipes site...So I don't know..What do you think?

    Now...What about all this peeing?...I think i go every 10 min.!...I'll go, and then barely sit back down and have the erge to go again...Is it like this the whole time?...I think i could fill a swimming pool by the time I'm done...

    One more Q.....What can i do to enjoy the water thing....I have never been a big water drinker!...By the end of the day I'm gagging it down!...Please give me some things I can do to my water to make it easier to drink!....That's all I was wondering for now...Thanks everyone!

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    I love cukes in vinegar! Yum! It is fine. Make sure it is plain white, nothing added.


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    I know this sounds like a no brainer, but did you try a lemon wedge? That's what I do towards the end of the day when I feel like I can't drink anymore! With ice and a fresh lemon wedge makes a difference. I have also read on here some are using the flavored Stevia, like root beer flavor.

    Not sure about white vinegar, I did some the other night with only a little apple cider vinegar which is on protocol. Then added fresh dill and some sea salt..they were yummy.

    I think the debate is on about the turkey, if you do a search for turkey you will see it's a common topic. It's not protocol but some have used it without a problem. I will be using it, as I haven't eaten red meat in 15 yrs.

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    I use Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar on my cucumbers. Turkey and cauliflower are not allowed on the diet. Peeing a bunch is normal especially at first. You can get some good real mineral water and put liquid flavored Stevia in it, it will help keep the muscle cramps away and it's really good.

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    Yes! I have tried lemon wedges, It helps for awhile, then it just gets harder to chug down the water even with the lemon wedge....I never buy mineral water, are there certain brands that i should buy, or, are they all the same?...Thanks for all your responses...What flavor Stevia is good in plain water if I don't use mineral water?

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    I buy Perrier at Costco 24 bottles for 15.99

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    apple cider vinegar is better for your cucumbers. Not just for the taste but also because it gives you extra antioxidants!

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    I don't care for apple cider vinegar. love love love regular vinegar


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    My mom use to make cucumbers with onions and vinegar when I was growing up. I loved them, but she passed away before I got the recipe. Do you just cut up the cucumbers and throw them in a bowl with vinegar? Thanks!

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    We go to a Thai restaurant once in a while, and they serve 'sweetened' white vinegar cukes as a side. They are really good. So why not make them with Stevia or zylitol? And some onions and herbs, etc. I think that would be a nice 'legal' change.

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