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Thread: stalled for 10+ days?!

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    Question stalled for 10+ days?!

    So I'm on vlcdd: 21 and i have been stalled since vlcdd: 13. I mean i did gain a little then lose a little but its been between 140 and 142. I'm just scared nothing is going to happen anymore and i really need some reassurances from fellow hcg'ers. I did try an apple day, nothing happened. It was my TOM like 4 days ago. Also i heard online that if your body reached a weight you used to be at in the past it will stall there, has that happened to anyone else? Could it be that I'm not following Dr.S's exact protocol? I eat things like brocolli, zuchinni, onions, and mushrooms. That's really it for not being on protocol. Just hoping someone has been in this situation and has some positive feed back. Thanks!

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    I would guess that if you went back to strict protocol you will start losing again. Lots of silly things can happen when you stray...some people do ok with switching veggies etc, some dont, you owe yourself a few days of strict clean protocol to see if it makes a difference.
    good luck!
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    download and listen or read the "pound and inches" book. You can also find a list of P2 foods. There may be a vegetable that you are eating that could be causing the stall.

    You can also try an Apple Day...drink minimal water for the day and only eat apples...about 6 of them. See if that will kick your weight loss back in gear

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    Even seemingly tiny changes in the protocol can result in major stalls. Zucchini, mushrooms and broccoli are not on protocol. Trying going back to the real protocol. And you might try cutting one fruit and replacing it with 100 extra calories of allowed meats. Sometimes that will get you off a stall.
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