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Thread: I Keep Stalling.

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    I am on day 21 of the VLCD and since day 12 I have been stalling a lot. I will lose a pound and then stall for 3 days, lose a pound and then stall for three days. I have adhered to the original protocol religiously. I do the homeopathic drops and have lose 12.8 pounds in the 21 days but 10 of that was in the first 2 weeks. I want to stay positive, but I am just confused on this pattern of stalling for 3 days at a time every time I lose a pound. Any thoughts on why this could be happening? I appreciate your feedback.

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    I am stalling now too and not sure why. I've been the same exact weight for three days now and not sure why or what to do. Any help would be appreciated!! It's very discouraging...

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    Feel your pain, have the same problem thinking about Mini steak day and apple day. If nothing helps guess I ll end this.

    "Consider if you are potentially at your ideal weight. Are you in the suggested weight range for your height and build? Are you also hungry and not feeling good? It may be time to stop losing. See Dr Simeon's HCG diet protocol on reaching your goal during a cycle of shots. Basically, you increase food intake to level off losing until the minimum number of shots is reached, then follow the HCG protocol through the 6 week stabilizing period."

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    Started another round after a long break 02/18/11 Day 1 of 43
    me too and im getting discouraged and frusterated here is my weight chart - tomorrow im gonna do the apple day but i almost feel as though it might not work either since the detox bath didnt work and let me tell you it was torture for me as i love baths but not for that lenght of at a loss right now...

    Day 01 - hcg & loading day #186
    Day 02 - hcg & loading day #185
    Day 03 - hcg & loading day #184
    Day 04 - hcg & vlcd day #182.8
    Day 05 - hcg & vlcd day #180.6
    Day 06 - hcg & vlcd day #179.8
    Day 07 - hcg & vlcd day #177.8
    Day 08 - hcg & vlcd day #176.4
    Day 09 - hcg & vlcd day #177.0
    Day 10 - hcg & vlcd day #175.6
    Day 11 - hcg & vlcd day #175.8
    Day 12 - hcg & vlcd day #175.8 - detox bath
    Day 13 - hcg & vlcd day #175.4
    This is 1 of the best WL solutions out there it takes dedication determination & faith. Started my last & final rounds broken into 2 parts. Started hhcg pellets on 7/27/11 (157.2) - 08/04/11 along w/the switch 2 hucog injec (157.4-extra load days & upcoming TOM) as of 8/28/11 (145.6 day 25 of inject + 9 days pellets = 33 total) decided 2 break on 08/30/11 (27 days inject/35 days total pellets+injections) P3 stabilizing well so far 09/11/11 weight 145-146 LIW 145.8 - update 10/09/[email protected] LIW/LID

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    I am no where near my ideal weight. Right now 176.6 and 5' 5' in height. My issue is my husband is not on board with this so my hope of a second right is not an option. At this rate I won't even lose 20 lbs. I am so discouraged. I did do the apple day and lost 1.5 lbs but then stalled again.

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    sorry..meant second round.

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    5 rounds, down 78# and at goal
    The stalls are totally normal. Women average .5 to .75 when they look at the entire weeks on the protocol. You have to quit looking at the day to day and look at the long term. I know it's frustrating, but it's just the way it happens for most of us. :-)
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    thanks everyone. I appreciate your feedback.

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    ditto to what grammy said. I don't lose much (or at all) Mon-Wed and then Thurs-Sun I have big losses. it's really strange and I have no idea why it's this way, but it's consistently been this way for 6 weeks now. but the overall trending is down (average of .75 a day) so no complaints!

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    Deanna, you lost 11 lbs. in 10 days!!!! I'm SURE your body is just "catching up" as they say.

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