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Thread: When Do You Start Burning REAL Fat?

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    I know they say that when you first start VLCD you are dropping alot of water, but when do you really know you are burning up the fat? I am currently R1P2VLCD6 -7.6 loss so far (i miscalculated before). How much of that would be fat? I'm just curious, trying to stay motivated too.

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    Hi newmom,

    I don't have an answer but was wondering the same thing. I'm R1P2VLCD7 with the same amount of loss. I'm kinda disappointed because I thought I'd lose more the first week. I've had days were I only lost .2 lbs and .4 lbs. I guess I shouldn't complain, but I was hoping for a more dramatic first week like 10 or 11lbs.

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    hey flowergirl you are doing great I am thrilled that this is actually working and if i can keep going at this pace i may not even need a round 2. Keep looking up and getting skinny!!! Congrats on your loss.

    The hardest thing for me is no cream in my coffee LOL everything else is great

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    Unless you have one of those fat calculators (which apparently aren't very accurate) there's no real way to tell your day to day fat loss. I noticed a difference in my jeans after about 10 lbs, and I'm always more concerned about how my clothes fit than what the scale says. Your fat cells will fill up with water before they collapse, so fat loss isn't always indicated on the scale.
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