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Thread: Anyone Starting Loading This Wkend? 4/17/10???????

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    Good Morning Ladies!!! Dont have much time but just wanted to give you all an update sinceI have been back on P2 after my horrible first cheat round. Down 3.4 #'s in two days!!! Almost to the 160's can't wait!!!

    Under alot of stress but going to stay strong. One of my neighbors, who I hate and we got in a huge fight last summer, called child services on me. Had a visit from them early this morning! She said I watch 10 kids which is far from the truth. I watch my two and two that aren't my own. My oldest daught had some of her friends over fromt he subdivision to play in the kiddie pool and sprinler over on Tues, so she asummed I was taking care of all of them. I hate people that don't know what they are talking about!!! So this child service lady was nice but now I am on record and will be watch all the time, this sucks!!! I think this bia is jealous I am loosing all this weight and mad that no one talks to her anymore. Oh well not going to let her ruin my weekend and my weight loss, now I want to loose more to rub it in her face!!! What comes around goes around, she better waTCH OUT!!!!

    Well gotta run sorry for venting but had to get it out!!!

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    Hey girls ~

    TT ~ Wow... good job! I can't wait to get back to p2! :}
    Psyche ~ Oooh mannnn, I have the same poop prob.. I did get some of those enzymes, but last night I forgot to take them before dinner... um... that was a mistake! I still feel full and a little bloated, ( I ate really late though.... 9:30 ish and then I too (am ashamed to admit it), had a rs sf carmel cluster, about 10:30, right before I went to bed :/ ) Oh did I learn my lesson! lol... from now on, I will not forget my enzymes! Gheeze...! I'm only up .5 from my ldw, can't believe that, I thought for sure I would have a huge gain from eating so late... and having "candy".. and not poop'n!

    Gosh....I'm debating on when to go back on p2! Only been on P3 a week tomorrow, but I sure do miss seeing those losses! My plan was to start loading again July 3 & 4th, which are great load days for me cuz we always have some sort of block party, but that just seems like such a long time! Ugh! I guess I just need to be patient! I still have at least 20 to 30 lbs to lose....well... thanks for listening to me "think out loud"!

    Hope calientemomma will be checking in soon!! Look forward to all of her motivation.. and where is Cherry?? And what ever happened to metz and skinny?

    Ok losers, I guess I need to get myself in the shower, my kids are out of school today, it seems like a weekend!! I'll check in with you all later!


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    Sliding in tadahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh here I is sorry I had a friend come in from texas for like 13 hrs so we did nothing but yack..man it was good to see her
    and then been doing honey do's made my hubby baby back barbq ribs and tater salad corn on cobb and deviled eggs watched the gang eat it all up while I sucked on a big fat juicy strawberry..all I ate untl 230 yikessssssss
    Hiya sweets ^5 you are doing awesome yes to lemon and stevia you want something refreshing and filling try a handful of strawberrys 6-8 shot of lemon or lime 1/2 pkg of stevia 1/2 cup eat of ice and water in blender ohhhhh yummi talk about summer fresh or instead of water put tea in there~
    Sista k I am so proud of you.sorry to hear about your dad's dementia I know from my lil ole lady across the street how hard it is..I hope you have a great visit though ((( hugs )))
    runs and hugs my sista from another mista aquaaaaa throws my legs around her waist and spins wheeeeeeeeeeeee..lol I sure wished we could hang out to omg we would have such a blast! and yes I am glad lee won he is so cute and such a sexy voice!!
    Pain omggggggg your having the big o in ya thyroid haha thats a new one even i have never heard..brrahwwwaaaa,,but no snow here thank god I am so over winter now!
    Utah I will share my roses with you I get them pretty often I could not of created my hubby in any more perfect of a man..gosh I am lucky
    Terry I wouldnt load just get right back into it..Glad you had a good time on ya trip!
    Kami yay for you so proud of you and a wedding I love them everyone is always so GaY!! lol.I do my shots every am at 6 but thats what time my doc set for me since I get up at 330 am everyday..The meal I miss the most is breakfast still!!!! I cant wait to have eggs and cheese smother in green chili sauce and maybe some lean ground beef yummmmmmmoooo
    Still no word on hubbys tests now it will be tuesday..GOD this is killing me...ughhhhh I am going to go see sex and city2 at 10;30am tommrow by self man no popcorn going to be hard but I wil survive I have 10 days left and p3 here I come wheeeeee
    I want to wish you all the very best Memorial holiday hope its a safe one filled with lots of laughs if you see a service man or woman please tell them thanks for their service!!!! Let freedom ring!!!!!!! hugs my chickies I will check back later I have everything already done for the whole weekend cooking and all just a wee bit of ironing.......LOVES YA ALLLLLLL BLOWING KISSES

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    Hey guys! I wanted to give you an update:

    Start Weight: 235.2
    LIW- 202.8
    Today loss: -0.7
    Current: 200.4

    Released: 34.8 pounds!
    +/- LIW: - 2.4

    P3 is going well! I can't wait to get back to P2 though. I wanted to let you all know that I started making youtube vlogs. I think it's a really cool way to document your journey Anyways if ya wanna meet me "in person" LOL then come on over and say hi!


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    omg, TONI! you are gorgeous! so adorable & personable on camera! could totally see you hosting a talk show or one of those 'what to wear' programs on the Fine Living Channel or something like that! thanks for sharing your vlog. such an inspiration all around. so great to put a lovely 'loser' face to yr posts, too. love the trying on too-tight jeans idea--i actually do this in my closet with this one pair of 7ForAllMankind jeans i wore 6yrs ago (still too tight, alas, but SOON! SOON!). anyway, keep it up! i'll be checking on your 'in person' progress from here on out!

    CHERRRRRRRY! i was out in the yard & garden all day today & kept thinking about you! i swear, one of these days i'm gonna roadtrip to yr doorstep. i know i'm late, but decided to go on & put some radishes and peas in the ground. maters, broc, cukes, squash, peppers all went in last month. and lots of marigolds & nasturtiums in amongst the veggies b/c i've heard they help keep pests away. strawberries are almost ripe, and our mulberry tree is PACKED, should be prime snacking in a couple weeks (they aren't much good for baking or anything, but the kids LOVE them right off the tree). crossing fingers & saying prayers for your hubby's tests. you ARE lucky to have found each other--what you have is so rare--god bless him!

    hey mraz, your neighbor sounds like a nosy nightmare. i'm so sorry you have to deal with that. sheesh, if she lived by me she'd think we were running a freaking circus half the time, there are so many shorties running around (their parents work, our door's always open, i'm pretty free with the snacks, lol). my husband is a public defender, used to work in family court & often was assigned to defend innocent clients who had some evil malicious creep call child services on them, and it would escalate & eventually end up in the court system. HORRIBLE. special place in hell for those types. i'm sure your neighbor wouldn't go that far, but still, it just burns me up that this happens.

    sistak - oh i KNOW. when, oh when, to go back to P2... wait til 4th of july festivities for the fun loading potential? or sooner, like after my next TOM? i'm feeling stabilized but maybe i should do P4 first, see how body deals with sugars/starches? oh DECISIONS. bleh.

    ok, so i am BEAT from mowing grass & all that yard work today, & of course playing in the sprinkler with the kids...
    sweet dreams everybody! HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! summer is here, WOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOO!

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    Toni I love it! you are so beautiful I was going to leave a comment but it was being difficult I agree with my sista you should host something you have a bright and sparkly personality.........
    Aqua isnt garden fun!!!! it takes alot of work but so well worth it my lil seedlings are just starting to pop their heads above ground wheeeeeeee fresh spinach out of garden tommrow...I love it..and you are welcome to road trip here anytime darling..
    well this am I am off to see sex and city2...hugs an blessings you all.......muahhh

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    Good Mornin toall my beautiful sisters!!!!

    Aqua & Cherry.......so great you gals can enjoy your wonderful gardens.....UMMMMM fresh veggies nothing like it.

    Mraz.....You hit the nail right on the head.. JEALOUSY, probably her husband was looking at you and liked what he saw....lol Seriously, bi..ch ike that have nothing better to do. Many years ago, I had a similar sitation my youngest was about 10 and my husband had passed away. I might say I was a pretty hot younger woman thennot to mention my oldest was 23 and drop dead georgous! long legs and all.. Anyway she called the child services and the worker came out and interviewed all of us saw our home (which I was fortunate to have a good business and did just fine. When he left he stopped and turned to me and said "see this doorway, this stops here dont give it a second thought. So, hold your head up high and just wiggle your skinny little but right on in your home....lol

    Momma.....where are you? we all miss you. Hope everything is good!

    I am happy this morning I'm down 1.4 LBS. isnt this diet great??? I ave to say again these drops are so much better than my last ones, stronger and no hunger YEAAA!

    My husband is so protective of me...its really cute! Well, we are going to my oldest daughters home Sunday, lay out at the pool and eat blackened chicken (for me) and BBQ for theret of the family, tossed salad and fruit.

    I have about 8 LBS to reach my goal. You can sure see the difference!

    Heres wishing the best Memorial Day to my sisters. Enjoy!!!

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    good MORNING ladies! down a lb from yesterday, weeeeeeee! P3D9, steady in the 129-130 range. been stabilized here since a week before i quit P2, so i wonder if i can shave off a week of P3 & move into P4 sooner? anybody have any advice abt this? sure wish Caliente would resurface... i bet she'd know.

    started tracking calories on dailyplate to get a better picture of my intake. they changed the format from when i used to go there a lot. SO MUCH EASIER now. but i sure do wish i had an iphone so i could track food 'on the go' instead of having to remember every bite & enter it all later.

    xoxoxo to all. have a great day!

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    ok, i'm so ticked off...something just happened on my computer, and i just lost the whole comment I just wrote...urgh!!!! what a week!!!

    First, love my new house!!! so happy to be here!!!

    I have missed you guys soooooooooo much!!! Stupid Rogers morons....I had apt. for sunday between 11 and 2 to get phone/internet/cable hooked up. In the week before my move they called no less than 4 times to confirm the apointment, and sent 2 confirmation emails....so sunday comes....no one shows!!! of course, long weekend so can't get ahold of anyone till tuesday, hubby had to call from work...apparently, they called the phone number they were supposed to be hooking up to make sure we were home (DUH!!!) and when we didn't answer, didn't bother to show up!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? How the HEdoublehockysticks are we supposed to answer the phone that they haven't hooked up yet? so we FINALLY got it hooked up yesterday, and my husband was a week behind in all his programming for his second job...so now today, I can finally get on here!!!

    I have been sooooooooooooooo busy this week, unpacking like a crazy person...I'm so sore I can barely walk!!! Getting used to all the stairs...this place is 3 stories plus a basement, and has 10 foot ceilings, so LOTS of stairs!!!

    I love, love, love it here!!! I've done about 20 loads of laundry already, and 2 loads of dishes a day in the dishwasher...so much easier and faster to unpack when I don't have to handwash it all!!!

    I have not been able to stick to protocol during move...I realized that I needed to have the energy and time/focus on my house, so I have been eating small portions of "normal" foods, eating mostly protein, with some carbs (and some treats...oooops) and some veggies and fruit, but the good news is that I seem to have stabalized at 268, up or down about a lb...so considering I'm basically eating p4, without having done a p3...and I stabalized at 5 lbs up from my lowest p2 weight...I'm happy about that...I started p2 again today...no loading, just started back and I REALLY want to be down to 250 by June 10, for my convention....I bought a beautiful white pencil skirt for it that doesn't fit me yet, but will at 250...so theres some motivation for me!!!

    I read all the comments since I've been gone (83 of them...LOL) but I don't have any more time right now, I will come back again later and write more....thanks for the "missing" me comments

    annette...hang in there...sounds like a phsycological reason to me...no diet will work if your body thinks it needs to be overweight to be safe...so you may need to work on your mind before this will work on your body...more later, but big hug for now and remember, your body is not your enemy, it's doing the best it can to keep you safe the best it knows how...and you can change it...just maybe needs a little different approach

    cherry....thinking of you and hubby, hoping all is ok!!!

    everyone else...missed you, hope you are having a great day!!! "see" you later!!!

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    aqua...i probably would try to shave that week off....just go easy on the new p4 foods in that first week...if your weight is stable for about 3 weeks, then it should be set...but don't go crazy p4 at the start, you don't want to gain...ease into it...(listen to my words, not my deeds...LOL!!! I've eaten p4 stuff all week, but only because of crazy circumstances....you will be fine though, I'm sure!!!

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    CALIENTE, our fearless leader, oh how we have missed you! i am absolutely tickled to see your happy post about the new place! CONGRATS. must be such a great feeling! )) ENJOY the stairs! lol, i have 3 flights too... every time i trudge to the basement & back for laundry, or take multiple trips up 2 flights with carload of groceries, i chant to myself, 'exercise. this. is. good. exercise. whew.'

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    yes, fortunately, my washer and dryer are on the third floor with the bedrooms, but groceries go to the second...so there's some lugging....plus, the whole up/down thing is extra exercise, esp coming from a small 2 bedroom apartment on the ground floor....with elevator to underground parking...LOL!!! I love it though!!! And we have a beautiful water view from all 3 floors, my SIL's bedroom is on the ground floor, water view, then on second floor the living room has the water view, with a huge window/sliding glass door combo out to the balcony...it's right across the road from a marina with a sailing club, so we see sailboats every day, they race right out front....it's soooooo beautiful!!! On the third floor, the master has the water view...plus at night the city skyline over the water....so it's really beautiful!!! so bright and sunny and the nice breeze from the water....as soon as I get it all unpacked and set up, I will take pics and post on facebook so you guys can see it, I'm soooooooooooooo happy, I'll probably loose weight from sheer happiness

    ok, back to work....it's so nice to be able to get on here for little breaks during the day


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