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Thread: Anyone Starting Loading This Wkend? 4/17/10???????

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    I took Mande's receipe for tacos but used extra lean ground beef. Put it it in a pan and added a little onion and some spicy seasoning. Used lettuce leaves as the shells. SO GOOD! It is going to become a regular for me!

    Happy Saturday! Got to go drink more water...seems like it is harder to remember when I am not at my desk at work!

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    yayyyyy i got my stuff but kinda confused i am suppose to take.2 mls but not sure how to measure that in my 29 gauge 1/2 cc needles its says units on syringe
    yikes......lol does anyone of you know i seen so many different amts from you all

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    1sttime - i love the 'head in the game' analogy. just got back from niece's softball game, and was mildly tormented by all the nachos/chicken fingers/cheese fries/mozz sticks around me... (must remember to time my drops so that i take them right before the game from now on, tho... i mean, i'm only human!). just kept thinking about all the artificial junk in them as i chugged my Smartwater! it's really warm/sunny out today and i wore shorts that were SNUG a month ago. by next months' games, they will be too big. hah!

    now to set my resolve for tonight's birthday festivities. sister's cake looks lovely, i must say, but everyone else will have to be the judge of how it tastes send me your strongest vibes, gals, i may NEED them!

    xoxo to all

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    Thank you all for the welcomes!!
    Y'all are doing so great!!!!
    Yeah, we got alot of Texans in here...Dallas (Rowlett) here.
    I am hopeful a package will be delivered by Monday, until then I will keep reading, learning & cheering for y'all!
    My hcg friends, have a blessed weekend!!

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    cherryvan...the dr. told me to do .5 using a diabetic syringe. it shows on mine that .2ml is the same as.2cc. ok yep i looked 3 times now to make sure..its the same.

    to all going to games where the nacho evil doers are >:{ , if youre not eating your fruit with you meal...take it with you. might even make the evil doers think they shoulda had a fruit instead. and the apple is toooo easy for that.

    ooommmm ooooommmm goood strong vibes being sent your way aqua!!! =0)

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    ;-{ I am up .1 pounds, was really expecting another loss as mine have just been ok. I started the 2 tbspn of apple cider vinegar yesterday?? before meals. I stopped mixing veggies as of today too. I also bought some organic chicken broth to cook with, so no more drops of oil! I did drink a lot more water yesterday, so maybe that is the .1 gain and no loss. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back on track with a pound or two loss!!! Doing this diet on the weekends is SO hard, I do ahve to say. Today I am upping my drops, hopefully that will work, my willpower is faing sadly. I ahve not cheated, but oh, so hard.

    Ok, really trying to keep myself busy. gpong outside to plant flowers, talk to you soon.

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    I started close to the 17 so I thought I would follow the progress here. I started my VLCD on the 16. I started out at 191 and this morning I was down to 183.6 I would like to be down to 150 by the time I need to put a swim suit on. I feel great, my pants are already bigger and my husband said he can see the change.
    July 27th D1VLCD

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    Awesome, Tippy! You and I are the same as far as starting weight & goal. I am 5'5, and in the past, at 150 I could easily wear a size 7/8. Hoping to get close to that again.

    Aqua- when I read your post about the "evil doers" I heard W's (Bush) voice! Apples will be my baseball game snack, good idea!

    Twins- I am proud of you for not cheating! You can do it! We can do ANYTHING for a couple of weeks. The losses will pick back up.

    I just got my mail and there was a package from pharmacy escrow.......only the mixing kit! DARN IT!!

    Thanks for sharing, y'all!

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    Hi All, thank you for your support on my disaster day! I have been out of town for the last couple of days, with a couple more still to go before I get home, so I don't feel very comfortable with the scale that I have here. It is not digital and seems to move alot. I will post losses/gains on Tues am. I think I am doing ok actually. The cheat day was bad, but I have been sticking to the protocol for the last 2 days. This is day 6 for me, and according to this scale, I am down another lb for a total of 5.8. Sounds like very one is doing pretty great on this diet! I hope that we can continue to be a bunch of big loosers!!!!

    Talk to you all again on Tuesday! Take care and skinny trails!


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    Hello ladies! Love the whole "head in the game" thing we got going! To everyone who went out and joined the "evil nacho doers" and didn't cheat...I'm so proud of you!! I live in Southern California and last week (my first week on VLCD) I went to Disneyland with my boyfriend. Let me tell you....it is HAAAAAAAARD being around all those people smacking away on yummy food. I brought my chicken breast that I cooked in the morning and some celery and I was good to go. But....wow does this diet take a lot of willpower!! I'm extremely proud of all of you who are doing it with me! Today is VLCD12 and I woke up to a loss of a meager .4lbs which brings my total to 15lbs. I'm not complaining over here!! Also, I measured myself a day early (was supposed to do it tomorrow) and found that I had lost a total of 9 inches this week!!! That brings my total to 11 inches that are gone for good!!! Also, I have a question for anyone who knows....are flavored coffees okay? I've been drinking this yummy Godiva chocolate truffle coffee with some stevia in it for the past couple of days and I'm wondering if this is hurting my losses at all? Keep up the good work everyone!! =D

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    hey everyone, hope you are all having a good eve...that's the hardest time....today I'm having bad cravings....still TOM....this is vlcd13 for me...I forgot to mention earlier that I was down another lb...so that makes 18.8....so I'm very happy about that...

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    good evening ladies, well i walked 2 rounds today in tenny shoes i havent worn very much without socks and have giant blisters on right foot and popped ones on the left...my own fault. any way was hungry before i left, almost had my apple but thought i'ld wait til after walk, then did the second round. lol got about a hundred yards from the house and had to come out of the shoes!!! i had to finish barefoot....not to fond of going bare footed dirt was fine, made it over the rocks on the road, got to the yard think please be NO stickers...OMG we HAVE STICKERS. uhg, poor dogs. any way..went to my moms to get the hubby some left overs..she had company this week end and she had made chicken and spaghetti covered with cheeeeese, shrimp salad with those lil shell shaped pasta OOOHHHHHH, some more of my favorites!!! got him a big ol plate of spaghetti. oh heres the torture a whole plate of chocolate cake covered with pecans AND some kind of chocolate pudding delight bull****. she said just for him, he's my favorite son in law....i am an only child so he is her only s-i-l. i said thanks momma, came home and ate grilled (guess what... bwack!) chicken =D with broccoli, lol..and i'm full as a tick hahahahaha one of those big fat gray ones...eeeewwwweeee gross. sorry
    just thought i would share since i had to look at it, smeeeeellll it and carry it home. but i was sooooo goooood. heeheeheehee, yay me!=P

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