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Thread: Stevita

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    Ok I am new here and need some advise on Stevia. I know that stevita is a brand of stevia, but is it ok to use? I have seen yes and I have seen a no, so which is it?, I am about to order some stevia and like the idea of the little bottles of stevita at a cheaper price but dont want to waste the money either.

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    does anyone have the small bottles of Stevita, where you can list the ingredients in them. I want to order today but have read these are good and bad to use.

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    I used Stevia throughout my 43 day protocol and lost 20 lbs. I started at 188 and am now in phase 3 holding at 166. I don't think I could have made it through without using the flavored Stevias in my coffee and also in salad dressing. I wasn't a coffee person before this diet but I sure enjoy it now. I didn't see that Stevia hurt my weightloss at all. I bought the powdered Stevia at a health food store and Kroger and the flavored I ordered off of the internet in several different flavors. It also helped me with my water - to change the flavors up a bit from just plain water.

    I was afraid to use Truvia because it had maltodextrin or something in it. I just used STEVIA in green individual packets.

    I hope this helps you. I continue to use Stevia now because it is a natural product and I like it. Some have said it tasted bitter but I never had that problem. I was just glad to have something sweet to add to foods and drinks!

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    So is STEVITA the same exact stuff as stevia. Because on one of the post I saw where Stevita had other additives. On steviasmart.com they have the little bottles of flavored pretty reasonable and I would love to get them as a bigger varity to try and see which one I like the best before buying a big bottle.

    Can anyone tell me if the Stevita Brand is ok?

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    I tried the chocolate stivita and I hated it. I like the regular stevia flavored drops a lot but the stevita was very bitter to me.

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    You'd just have to read the ingredients, Lisa. I'm not familiar with it. Or google the ingredients.
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    I have almost all of them...here are the ingredients. I use lemon in my lemon tea, mango in my mango tea, orange and strawberry in Pellegrino, and toffee and vanilla in the coffee. Boring without cream... P

    Toffee Ingredients: Distilled water, natural toffee flavor, grapefruit seed extract.

    Vanilla Ingredients: Distilled water, natural vanilla flavor, grapefruit seed extract.

    Chocolate Ingredients: Distilled water, natural chocolate flavor, grapefruit seed extract.

    Peach Ingredients: Distilled water, natural peach flavor, grapefruit seed extract.

    Cognac Ingredients: Distilled water, natural cognac flavor, grapefruit seed extract.

    Lemon Ingredients: Distilled water, natural lemon flavor, grapefruit seed extract.

    Mango Ingredients: Distilled water, natural mango flavor, grapefruit seed extract.

    Peppermint Ingredients: Distilled water, natural peppermint flavor, grapefruit seed extract.

    Strawberry Ingredients: Distilled water, natural strawberry flavor, grapefruit seed extract.

    Orange Ingredients: Distilled water, natural orange flavor, grapefruit seed extract.

    Cinnamon Ingredients: Distilled water, natural cinnamon flavor, grapefruit seed extract.

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    I have been using the Stevita flavor crystals for water

    I assumed that it was just the same as using the flavored Stevia which all the books say is ok. I have been drinking water with these flavors in them and they taste wonderful and they are a great change but after reading this thread I'm not sure if I should be using it or not. Here is one of them:

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