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Thread: Who Has Had Success with This Miricle Omlet I Keep Hearing About?

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    Sue - I had an orange, chicken breast on bed of spinach, both grissini sticks allowed and strawberries in addition to my 96 ounces of water and 4 cups of yerba mate tea. According to my nutrition calculator I had 41.3g of carbs -

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    OK, so obviously my theory isn't correct, LOL. I have a hard time with the whole magic - this might work - this might now work aspect of the diet. I'm always trying to figure out WHY certain things work. It's making my brain tired.

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    I just did some research and an egg + 2 whites is only 13.2 grams of protein (far less than meat) and 109 calories, also less than most our meats. Wonder if that has anything to do with people's success? Though it wouldn't explain others lack of success unless those people are sensitive to eggs, which they won't know until they get to P3?

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    Knaegele - I did one whole egg plus 3 whites....hmm whole egg hard boiled according to my nutrition calculator (cause they all seem to vary) says 78 cal 6.3g protein for 1 large egg - the whites it says are 17 cal each (51 total for me) with 3.6g protein (10.8 for me). So I had a total of 129 calories and 17.1g of protein - - my same calculator tells me that my 100g of chicken breast is 165 calories and 31g of protein. So actually there is more protein packed in per calorie with the eggs vs the chicken if I'm looking at this correctly.

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    Your numbers are about what I found. But protein packed in per calorie would be irrelevant. With the eggs, even with the way you had it, it is still less calories and FAR less protein than the chicken. And the protein content is the most important part. I don't know what it is, I'm just wondering if there is a correlation in some way, some how?

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    What is the detox bath?? I can't find it... is it on this thread? Could you repost if it is..sorry...

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    I had the omlette for dinner with lots of spinach a dot of coconut oil and some onions. It was amazing! I love eggs! I hope it works. I got all the stuff for a detox bath. So I will do that tomarrow.

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    Wanted to bump this up to see if anyone else had success eating it in P2. Also, can we add more whites to equal out the protein to a 3.5oz (100g) portion of meat or fish?

    im on P2D3 so Im still new to this.. Thanks in advance
    Lost 20 with 1200 cal per day plus 1hr gym.. Hit the wall at 20 then I found this diet.. Anything over 20lbs is HCG Diet

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    I have heard that it is the coconut oil that triggers the loss.

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    I'm curious about this now. Where did you hear that?

    R1P2 started 6-30-11 85 days long with a loss of 39.2 pounds. Yes, I had a couple of cheats but got back on the horse!
    R1P3 started 9-24-11 Maintained 5 pounds below LDW
    R2P2 started after the Holidays 2011, lost 15 pounds in 30 days. Maintained great!
    R3P2 started after Holidays 2012, drops didn't have HCG in them!
    This protocol has taught me a lot about myself!

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