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Thread: sugar free cocoa/hot chocolate in p3?

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    Question sugar free cocoa/hot chocolate in p3?

    maybe i am having a brain lapse ... but is sugar free hot chocolate ok in Phase 3? what about crystal light?

    thanks in advance!

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    Some people do ok with it some don't. It really is your call. I personally don't chance it till P4. Your body is still in a stabilization phase I would wait till P4.

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    Chocolate triggers cravings for me. I did try SF choco pudding & I was starved/craving the rest of the day. I stayed away from all that during P3.

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    thanks for the replies. i decided to hold off on the sf hot cocoa until phase 4. then i cheated with a piece of chocolate cheese cake, dangit! this is round 2 for me and cravings are so much stronger than in round 1.


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