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Thread: Super oily skin

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    Super oily skin

    I normally have dry skin, but the past week my face has been super oily. I've never experienced anything like it, and now I'm breaking out. I'm on vlcd 9.

    Week 1 VLCD Wt. 203.1= -8.5 lbs
    Week 2 VLCD= wt 197.8= -5.3 lbs
    Week 3 VLCD=
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    You know, usually I hear the opposite; people with oily skin, experiencing dryness. I'm curious what others will have to say about this but more than likely, it is just a result from the shift in your hormones. It could also be a specific reaction to a new food you are trying, if any?

    Is your skin usually sensitive by chance? Mine really is- if I change my sleeping habits, my supplements, my skin cream... my face will break out temporarily. It always balances out though.

    Very curious if anyone else has any suggestions.
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