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    I have such a question: is it permissible to take sports food during injections of hCG? My wife wants to try, and I personally am not a fan of injections, but this is her choice. We are currently taking Optimum Nutrition Gluten Free Protein for daily protein intake and doing strength training. The wife wants to lose weight faster, although now the rate of weight loss is within the biological norm. Even if she decides on injections of hormones, I would not want to change the established diet (including taking useful supplements).

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    She won't lose weight and in fact, could gain weight if there is HCG in the body and no caloric restriction. She will burn about 1500 calories of fat when doing this protocol properly. Many of us keep working out. Someone here is training for a triathlon while on the protocol. I keep doing HIIT, weights, and conditioning though I stick to maintenance not increase in anything while on the protocol. I do raise my protein intake to 4oz per serving and add collagen to get to 500 calories if I am under. I guess she could start and see and add protein, collagen, and amino acids as she goes depending on her needs.
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