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Thread: Sushi-Wasabi and Pickled Ginger???

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    So I am going out to get sushi....well sashimi.... and I was wondering if anyone had any weight gain from eating the wasabi and/or the ginger on P2?

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    i have eaten 4oz of white tuna and used the wasabi in the soy sauce and wrapped the pieces in bib lettuce. Holy cow, so delish and i got pretty full too. Dont like ginger, so i dont use that. Its neat because the fish is the only protein we can eat raw, so we get more it feels like. I am going to have that this weekend.

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    haven't had sushi at all...
    i would consider ginger and wasabi spices, so they shouldn't cause a gain, especially since you're have tiny amounts of them. and soy sauce might be iffy for some, i'm guessing. but you never know till you try! good luck

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    So, does anyone know if sushi is P3 friendly? Would the rice be considered a starch? What if it is brown rice?

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