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    Hello, I am a few days into P3, and doing Okay. I have gained about a pound, but have not strayed from the P2 diet much. I was wondering about sweeteners in restaurants such as sweet and low and splenda. I was also wondering about going back onto the sugar free puddings, jellos and popsicles that I ate on the original Atkins diet. Just about any advise you can get me on P3 will help, so I don't start going backwards.

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    I have been using equal the whole time. I am on R1 Ph2 D7 of VLCD. I seem to be losing .5 lbs one day, 1 lb the next. I've lost 8 lbs so far. So it works out ok for me. Hope that helps.


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    Anyone else do this on P3?

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    Dr S says Stevia and saccharin (sweet n low) are okay for phase 2. My doctor allows equal and splenda on phase two. I used splenda and truvia ( Stevia) all during phase 2 with no problems. In phase three i used whatever was available , sweet n low, splenda, equal, truvia no problems and I love the sugar free pudding and jello and atkins bars. So those are all fine on P3, maybe take it easy on atkins bars first week. i was a little too quick and jumped up some but didnt go two pounds over LIW and by second week no probs at all eating atkins bars, stayed below LIW.Hope it helps. I ate real ranch dressing on salads. Lots of protein, not much else though. I ate alot of eggs and cheese and bacon and nuts and meat.

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    i ate a lot of sugar-free pudding this P3 (none the first time). but i really think it makes me crave more sugar. and after my new posting about nutrasweet, i think i need to work harder to get all sweeteners out of my diet.

    of course i didn't get that email about the dangers of sweeteners under after i came home from the grocery store, with 3 different types of no-sugar candy!!
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    I thought that about the atkins bars at first that they made me want more sugar/chocolate but really am satisfied if i just have one or two a day. Used to use them as snacks now as breakfast meal replacements lately. Will miss them most on next round.


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