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Thread: Anyone taking HCG subingual - and only took 3 week BREAK between rounds???????

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    Anyone taking HCG subingual - and only took 3 week BREAK between rounds???????

    There is confusing information out there.

    Dr. Simeons study was with injections, and he said that after completing PH2, that
    a BREAK of 3 weeks on PH3 and ... 3 weeks on PH4 was required to prevent immunity to HCG.

    But I've read if you're taking HCG sublingual that you don't have to take as long a break...... is this true?

    I read that only the 3 week break on PH3 is necessary and that we don't have to do PH4, if doing another round.

    I've read that if taking HCG sublingual that immunity to the HCG is not an issue.

    Any truth to this?
    Has anyone taken just a 3 week break and then started another round?
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    Yes, I am curious to know also. Although most people say it is best to do One FULL round first.
    Back on HCG, 25Sep: R1/P1/D1-103.7kg

    March 26, 2011- 202.6- (size 18), Final LIW - 176.4, R1/P2 Lost 26.2 lbs (size 14)
    R2-189, (w. load wt) - end wt: 167.8 (lots of inches loss-size 10/12) - August 8, 2011

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    After I did my first short round I did 3 weeks of P3 and then started another round without doing P4. I personally did okay, however, everybody is going to be different. It is recommended to do the full 3 weeks of P3 and 3 weeks of P4. But ultimately the dicision is yours. If you are doing a 40 day round, I would recommend taking the full 6 weeks to give your body a break.
    4 short rounds done and at goal weight. LIW 127.4, Adjusted LIW 132.4, 5'9" BMI 19.3. Total weight loss 40 lbs in 4 short rounds, 48 inches lost.

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    My friend and I who started at the same time are on R1/P2/VLCD 25 and plan on doing Phase 3 for just 3 weeks, then do another round of Phase 2.
    We take sublingual Drops.
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    I SO want to do the same thing! I will end P3 next Tuesday and want to load 2 days and go back to P2. I would LOVE to hear some more from people who have done it. I believe in giving your body a break; however, my skin is getting MORE saggy in P3... Of course, everyone is different. I just don't want to develop a taste for breads and sugars only to have to give them back up again. Plus, just not sure how I feel about this whole metbolism reset. It isn't mentioned specifically in the pounds and inches. Seems to come more from K Trudeau. I've NEVER lost on anything before and this is working for me... don't want to screw it up but want to get back on the "losing" horse as soon as possible!

    Please respond if you have skipped p4....

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    I think you might want to clarify your questions. Are you referring to HHCG or RX sublingual? That will matter when it comes to answers. Oh, and prepare yourself for the answers being varied!
    I gained a bunch of weight following several bouts with depression. I am working on getting myself back.

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    Hubby did it with me this time using RX SL and lost 20 lbs

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    Thanks... I am taking HHCG sublingually .... Not sure of anyone else.

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    I've been curious about this too. I'm also taking hhcg drops and I'm on day 12 of P3. I want to do a little bit of P4 just to be sure I'm out of ketosis for a little bit- give the kidneys a break- but I've been thinking about only doing it for a week or so (without sugar but just using healthy carbs so it's an easy transition) before heading back into P1-P2. I'll be interested to hear the opinions too.
    Round 1:
    184.2 (load) to 159.8, stabilized at 157.6 (-26.6)--> size 16 to size 12!

    Round 2:
    163.6 (load) to 139.0, stabilized at 144.0 for 3 months (-19.4)--> size 12 to a loose size 10!

    Round 3:
    9/13 and 9/14 -- Loading in progress!

    5'3" -- Goal weight = 125

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    Yeah I am getting to the end of a 40 day round...then I am only taking 3 wks for the P3 then a short 23 day second round

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    I realize that this is a year old thread, but just in case someone is looking for advice DON'T DO IT.

    I did a 60-day r1p2 and lost almost 38 lbs. I have hypothyroididm so that was amazing for me! I had a great stable 4-week P3 and then went into r2p2 after 2 loading days...and it was a dud lost only 2 lbs. I am now in p4 which I skipped the 1st time as per the instrcution booklet with my hhcg drops, since I wasn't at goal weight.

    It is not worth trying to rush things through, especially if you are
    have been heavy quite a while.

    I should have listened to the experts who said never do that during r1 and always do a p4. I thought doing a p4 was counterproductive, since I was used to eating low carb and was planning on doing another round.

    I guess that was dumb, since our eventual goal is to be able to eat some starchy carbs.

    Strangely enough, I am eating them now with overall good results...occasional 2-3 day bloats.

    Goal this round 160: losses include loading day 1 = vcld 1

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